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ForwardMetrics Helps Businesses Through Strategic Planning

A company is more likely to reach its goals when its employees know what the goals are and their role in accomplishing them. Employees are more committed when they contribute ideas to help the company reach its goals. ForwardMetrics offers a platform to identify and track the steps that will lead to reaching various company goals. This strategic planning platform is flexible enough for large or small businesses in any industry, according to ForwardMetrics, and is currently available in 65 languages.

ForwardMetrics, founded in 2011, is located in Encinitas, California. In May 2013, to help organizations succeed, ForwardMetrics launched two cloud-based software products – FM Navigator for businesses and Client Navigator, marketed to consultants who help businesses with strategic planning.

Andrew Hard, director of marketing, told RESCUECOM, “FM Navigator offers game-changing new tools for companies to brainstorm plans on a cloud-based whiteboard, track and implement plans using metrics and benchmarks – and make course corrections when certain goals and strategies are off track.” The software accommodates strategic plans of varying timeframes, but Hard said most organizations use one-year and five-year plans.

FM Navigator also helps companies hold people responsible for their part in the goals. The company says working from the top down keeps everyone focused on the same goals. Set goals, then break each one down into specific steps. “Achieving alignment and buy-in from everyone in the organization toward a strategic goal is one of the Number One goals of strategic planning,” Hard explained.

Executives have a dashboard to track steps toward goal achievement. Reports let them know where to change direction, if necessary. Employees have access to only the information that pertains to them. Keep employees connected with professional office network service.

Client Navigator provides tools for consultants, executive and business coaches to use when working with their clients, to create stronger relationships. The consultants can see how clients are progressing toward their goals. ForwardMetrics trains the consultants on use of the products. Consultants can adapt the software for the specific industries they serve.

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Hard noted that “80 percent of companies do not have a strategic plan; they are essentially a rudder, hoping for the best.” The other 20 percent may have a plan, but it is often an Excel spreadsheet sitting unused in a drawer, not flexible enough to meet the changing business environment. In contrast, with a secure cloud-based plan, a company can follow what different departments are doing and pivot as necessary after the consultants help with the strategic plan.

Scott Warner, ForwardMetrics co-founder and chief strategic officer, stated, “It is a completely different way of doing business.”

On its website, ForwardMetrics has also created a community of almost 1,000 consultants, coaches and business leaders, who share articles on various business topics. This exposure could generate business connections between consultants and companies.

“At ForwardMetrics, we like results,” Hard concluded.



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