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Monitor The Police Who Are Monitoring You With The Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector!

There are few sensations quite like seeing a police officer or state trooper following you when you know your speed has been generously in excess of the posted limits.  Few people do not know that stomach-sinking sensation that comes when they flip on their lights and you know you are going to be pulled over.  Talking or flirting your way out of tickets does not always work, so the best way to avoid being pulled over for speeding is to simply follow the posted speed limits.  Barring that, the next best thing is to use technology to increase the likelihood that you will be going the speed limit when police scan you.  For that, you need a device like the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector!


The XTR-435 Radar Detector from the Whistler Group is a state-of-the-art radar detection system that lets you know in advance when police scanning technology is in use.  With 360 degree coverage, the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector helps notify you when radar scanners are being used in front of and behind your moving vehicle.  The high gain lens provides exceptional range, usually detecting radar signals in use with enough time for you to adjust your vehicle’s speed.


One of the cool aspects of the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector is the Traffic Flow Signal Rejection technology the device employs.  Many traffic signals utilize radar now to adjust the times of signals based upon traffic patterns.  Those radar signals are similar to the radar used by police speed detection devices.  Most radar detectors, especially older ones, are not sophisticated enough to tell the difference.  The Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector, however, employs TFSR technology which is sophisticated enough to differentiate between the two types of radar signals and not warn you for mundane traffic control devices.


With three different city scanning modes and extended range for highway scanning, the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector is easy to use.  The Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector connects directly to your car’s power supply through the traditional lighter-style jack.  The Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector comes with a windshield mounting bracket kit as well.  The display on the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector has brightness modification at the touch of a button.  This can make the display easy to see in sunlight or the complete absence of light without it being a visual distraction while you drive.


If you have a lead foot and radar detectors are legal in your state, the Whistler XTR-435 Radar Detector may be the best investment you can make.



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