Revolutionary Board Combines Amazing Speed, Power, and Range

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The Buffalo F is the Best Longboard Ever Made

Skateboarding has been around for nearly eighty years, though it saw its peak in the 1980s and 1990s. It still holds some popularity, however, and serves as more than just a hobby or an action sport. There are people who use skateboarding as a form of art, a mode of transportation that is quicker than walking but still quite active, and even as a job. Reports have estimated that there are over 11 million active skateboarders worldwide, and the International Olympic Committee has announced that skateboarding will officially be a recognized sport in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Technology has kept pace with this sport as much as any other, and the most obvious example of this is the creation of the electric skateboard. Serious skateboarders are more likely to consider the longboard, which is designed specifically for turning and cruising smoothly at high speeds over long distances and is easier to control. With the new Buffalo F, there is now a model that combines the best speed, range, and strength to rule the competition.

If you are ever in need of a fix, whether you would require a sports repair shop or a computer specialist would depend on the specific problem, but this is a durable board utilizing quality parts and excellent construction. As for power, the Buffalo F has two 1200 W motors for a total of 2400 W, and there is only other longboard on the market with more power. Some may have a good combination of speed and power but sacrifice range or vice-versa, but this board has an impressive balance all around. The Buffalo F does not force you to choose between speed, power, and range. In fact, it not only holds the top speed of any board available at 25 MPH but also offers the highest range even from boards with extended batteries sold separately. The top range for most models is around 12 miles; this longboard’s range is over 15.5!

25 MPH is very fast on a board, but for those less daring, the Buffalo F has two other riding modes that you can select. These are a Cruising Mode for a relaxed ride of just over 12 miles an hour, and a Beginner Mode so you can practice when you are just starting out at 11 miles an hour. Technical help may be necessary if an issue causes you to be unable to go at the pace you desire. The body is impressive as well. Constructed from multiple layers of bamboo and fiberglass, the Buffalo F Electric Skateboard is light, durable, and tough, and despite its light weight, it can carry over 250 pounds easily. For everything you could ever want in a longboard, there is nothing on the market that equals the Buffalo F.


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