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The Answer is Written by the Sky

Do you have your school shopping under control?  Are you sure you have thought of everything that might make this year’s academic experience high tech quality?  “Bring words and ideas into your digital world automatically and wirelessly” is the appeal of Livescribe’s newest version of the smartpen – the Sky.  Advances in tech support have made possible the use of highly sophisticated technologies on a scale as small as that of a pen!  “What starts on paper doesn’t have to stay there,” declares Livescribe’s website.

Livescribe states that the Sky is the perfect choice for people who want to have access to their notes and audio from any of the connected devices they use.  The Sky is also a good answer for those who want to rely on their tablet device but find the note-taking experience limiting.  Record everything you write and hear and make it accessible online. The Evernote plan includes 500MB of upload capacity.

The Echo was the first smartpen marketed by Livescribe.  The company’s website compares features of the Echo and the newest version, the Sky.  Both forms of the smartpen are able to capture handwritten notes, drawings and audio together or separately and replay the audio by simply tapping on paper.  One major difference is the ability of the Sky to transfer notes and audio wirelessly.  Additionally, the Sky uses a free online Evernote Account to store, search and organize notes instead of using your PC or Mac desktop.  In this method of cloud storage, users can share notes, audio or pencasts to places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.

Livescribe’s website also identifies certain services provided by a third party to convert audio to digital text, TranscribeMe services.  Third party services may also be necessary to keep any digital device running optimally.  For all types of computer support, Rescuecom offers immediate, unlimited services.

“Smartpens remember so you don’t have to!”  Now if the smartpen would only remind you to get your school shopping done in record time. Still, the Sky is one cool, back-to-school product.



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