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Moment’s Version 2 Lens Suite Improves Smartphone Photography

Since built-in phone cameras have so vastly improved with each new smartphone upgrade, most people simply use their phones as their default, and often only, camera. It used to be that this was true only of casual photographers or people who wanted little more than selfies, candid shots, and photos of friends and family. It is becoming increasingly true, though, even in the field of professional photography, as smartphone camera technology evolves to the point that it can even rival DSLR quality in many top of the line models. Mobile photography has increased in popularity because of its ease and the lack of bulky equipment, particularly given the fact that nearly everyone has a smartphone on his or her person at all times. Though it is better than ever before, smartphone photography could still improve, and that is where Moment’s Version 2 full lens suite comes in.

The Moment Version 2 lens suite has delicate parts but nothing electronic, so you will never need technical aid for the lenses themselves. They work with any device using iOS, Android, and even the new Pixel. While phone cameras continue to improve, the lenses built into them are limited, offering very few if any options and features that affect the original shots themselves. There is plenty you can do to a photo you have taken on your phone, but what about the photo itself? Now, you can simply attach Moment lenses to do things photographers would appreciate, such as capture wider angles and include more in your photos, go into macro mode to get very close to a subject, or crop in very closely on something much farther away than your standard phone camera can see.

While the lenses themselves are not electronic or digital in nature, you will not be able to use them with your smartphone if you do need professional help for your phone itself. They are quick and simple to install and attach securely to any number of different phone models. Even with the best new smartphone cameras, these lenses at the very least offer the options they cannot, and nothing but the best can match the quality they do. The telephoto lens lets you zoon without degrading quality, and images are as clear and sharp as they could be using anything other than a DSLR camera. For enthusiastic smartphone photographers who want high-quality, print-ready results from their photos, Moment’s new Version 2 lenses are some of the best to choose from

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