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Matt Allison, TrendKite Help Companies Leverage Their Press Coverage

Keeping track of all the press your company gets can be a difficult and time-consuming task.  When you’re building a startup, you barely have time to sleep, much less analyze your company’s press and social media coverage in serious depth.  However, Matt Allison is a cool person in technology who wants to solve this problem.  His company TrendKite performs in-depth analysis of a business’s press and social media coverage and compares that data with overall trends to come up with possible marketing and solutions and even potentially new business opportunities.  Allison claims that his company can provide useful insights to businesses about the way people perceive them in the press and on social media.  As press coverage has wide-ranging and significant effects on a company’s potential customer base, these insights should potentially be of great value to most businesses.  The analysis Allison’s company provides could help companies accurately assess how much traffic each press release brings in and how the media will report on them.  Businesses experiencing issues tracking the traffic on the company’s website should look into business computer services.

Allison’s company is Austin-based and works from the top floor of the Omni Hotel.  Allison has entrenched his company deep in the Austin startup scene by joining the Capital Factory, a startup community meant to increase networking and build business relationships.  Allison has serious experience in entrepreneurship, despite his relatively young age.  After getting his undergraduate degree in business from Penn State, Allison founded two businesses which both worked on the relationship between employers and employees.  BrioBody helped employers develop health and wellness programs, and Xoobly helped companies create incentive programs to motivate their employees.  Allison has built an entrepreneurial career out of helping businesses to improve themselves and TrendKite follows that pattern.

Matt Allison and others with similar innovative ideas are changing the face of business IT services!



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