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Autography Lets Authors Promote Their Books through Digital Book Signings

One of the key aspects of marketing a book has always been holding book-signing events.  These events help to create hype a writer’s work and allow authors to connect directly with their biggest supporters, which increases the chances that those supporters will spread the word about their favorite author’s books.  Book signings have always been an effective way for authors to communicate and promote their books to their readership.  However, with eBooks on the rise over the last several years, traditional books are taking up the less of the market.  This introduces a serious problem for authors: how do you continue to promote your work through book signings when more and more content is digital in nature?  Cool product Autography provides a solution to this conundrum.  Autography has created a system for the digital signing of eBooks.  With new advances in technology, Autography allows authors to personalize eBooks for their readers and attach digital signatures and individualized messages so readers can receive personalized copies of books just as they would at a physical book signing. 

Autography opens up new possibilities for authors as well.  Not only are they now able to personalize digital books, giving them a chance to interact with a greater portion of their readership, but authors can also put new spins on the book signing event formula as well.  For example, book tours can be exhausting and draining for authors, and they often cost extreme amounts of time and money.  Many authors limit their tours significantly or avoid doing them altogether because of these issues.  However, Autography encourages authors to perform remote signings.  With Autography, writers can perform video conferences with fans from the comfort of their own home and still personally sign all of their eBooks digitally.  This eliminates travel time as well as cost and makes it easy for authors who find book tours difficult to still market and connect with fans through signings and Q&A events.

Autography claims several other benefits as well.  They say that they can easily convert digital autographs across multiple eBook formats so readers aren’t stuck with one eBook vendor.   If you’re interested in trying out different eBook vendors but don’t know how to access them on your mobile device, you can contact tablet tech support or smartphone tech support to learn more.

Authors sign digital books through a mobile application provided by Autography. Computer support is available for writers who have difficulty getting their digital autograph software to function correctly.


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