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Strong And Humble, Jason Hsuan Runs TPV Technology.

There are few CEOs whose personal story is as interesting as the biography of Jason Hsuan.  Abandoned as a child in China, the Chinese government sent Jason Hsuan to a labor camp where he toiled from ages fifteen to eighteen.  When he became ill from tuberculosis, Hsuan was deported to Taiwan to be with his remaining family.  While that sort of hardship might crush a lesser man, Jason Hsuan used the experience to grow, learn and develop his corporate philosophy.  Now, Dr. Jason Hsuan is the CEO and Chairman of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors!

Despite having spent three years in a labor camp, which robbed him of educational opportunities and was largely dehumanizing, Jason Hsuan lifted himself up.  Once in Taiwan, Hsuan began working to improve his lot in life.  While he worked for six years at General Electric, he saw it as his duty to go help his father when the Taiwan Pepsi Cola branch suffered a severe economic downturn.  Hsuan prioritized his family and went to work for Pepsi, serving as a Vice President of the Taiwan branch.  That sense of responsibility served Jason Hsuan exceptionally well when he came to the United States to pursue his education.  At Boston University, Hsuan earned his Master’s in Systems Engineering.  After earning his Master’s, Jason Hsuan went to the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn where he applied his talents to getting his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering.

Armed with a formidable education, Jason Hsuan returned to Taiwan.  There, he worked as a manager at various companies until 1990, when he joined TPV Technology Limited.  Hsuan brought with him a corporate philosophy very different from many others who do business in China.  Hsuan refuses to exploit cheap Chinese labor and instead encourages Chinese laborers to band together, share resources, and develop better teamwork skills.  This philosophy has had a profound effect on TPV Technology; as CEO Hsuan’s TPV factories have increased productivity twenty percent annually!  That is unparalleled growth and because Hsuan is using progressive notions to transform the work environment, he is making a real difference in China’s culture.

TPV may be the world leader in computer monitor manufacturing, but it is the man at the top who makes TPV a truly extraordinary company.  Without Dr. Jason Hsuan, it is hard to imagine where TPV would be today!


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