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Jessica Alter, Matchmaker Extraordinaire!

Not unlike the trendy online dating services, FounderDating helps entrepreneurs find their match online.  You may have a specific idea you would like to work on, but don’t have the right partner. FounderDating helps connect you to a network of uber talented individuals with complementary skill sets.  Finding someone with a different background and skill set allows you to fit with the right cofounder. FounderDating is in the business of making these kinds of matches.

Who’s behind this matchmaking enterprise?  Jessica Alter, FounderDating CEO, is the Cofounder and Chief Connector.  Jessica is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.  In fact, in addition to her work with FounderDating, Jessica is a 500 Startups mentor. 

With a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard, Jessica had a strong start in the business world. Previously, Jessica was CEO of Formative Labs, leading business development, and was General Manager of Platforms at Bebo, a social media networking company acquired by AOL.    

In addition to a few software and design engineers, Jessica works with a team of Managing Directors.  These Managing Directors are city-based leaders giving direction to a community of locals who want to build new and innovative companies.  FounderDating company creating groups are currently located in many major cities in the United States and Canada.  FounderDating also sponsors a segment called “Unlock Your City” for those people who wish their city had a community-based group of entrepreneurs ready to start their next project or company.

Finding support fast is one of the on-going needs of any business enterprise.  With the speed of online connections, businesses can access tech support for a wide spectrum of solutions necessary to take advantage of networks such as FounderDating.

Jessica is leading the effort in a new launch for helping hardware innovators to meet, share ideas, and potentially start new companies.  Supporting hardware startups comes in response to the admitted failure of FounderDating to cater to hardware enthusiasts.  Now with FounderDating Hardware’s help, it is becoming much more likely that hardware people can find and learn from each other. Acknowledging that perhaps the hardest part of a hardware startup is the complexity of the supply chain, FounderDating is helping startups gain a deeper understanding of how manufacturing works by joining forces with Highway 1, an incubator under the umbrella of PCH International.

Network support is vital in today’s fast-paced technology world.  Answers need to be fast and relevant. Jessica Alter, at the helm of FounderDating, makes finding the right answer faster for startups!



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