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The MediSafe Project Offers Help with Medication Compliance

Sometimes, you need a little help from your family and friends. The MediSafe Project calls itself the first cloud-synced mobile app that helps monitor if people take their medications when they should. The app lets users know when it is time for each medication.

In addition, designated family members or caretakers receive notification if patients miss a dose. When loved ones get involved, people are more likely to keep up with their meds.

Omri “Bob” Shor, co-founder and CEO, and his brother Rotem got the idea for the MediSafe Project when their father took two shots of insulin by mistake, a potentially fatal incident.

The Israel-based MediSafe Project launched in beta in November 2012. The free app works on the Android platform, iPhones or iPads.

The MediSafe Project hopes to help patients take medication on time, following their doctors’ instructions. “Besides keeping people healthier and reducing the mortality rate, ripple effects will include keeping health care and insurance costs down and increasing revenue for pharmaceutical manufacturers,” “Bob” Shor explained to RESCUECOM. “The fact that MediSafe Project users have a reported adherence rate of 81 percent only eight weeks after we launched – 31 percent higher than the World Health Organization’s average – signals we’re already having a positive impact in many people’s lives.”

According to MediSafe, missing or incorrect medications cause a death every 19 minutes in the United States, with an annual cost of $100 billion to U.S. hospitals.

Make sure the iPhone alerting the patient about medication times is always in good working order to prevent medical problems. For immediate iPhone repair, contact a company with knowledgeable technicians.

The app also lets patients know when it is time to refill a prescription.

This year, the project will add the ability to connect to patient information through an automated phone system, for those without smartphones.

If help is needed to determine if and how the app will work on your device, getting professional tech support is as easy as making a phone call or clicking online.

A future goal is forming partnerships with drug companies. “MediSafe Project understands for such a huge behavioral change in the way people take their medications to take permanent hold in society, major players in the health care industry should become involved,” Shor noted.

“We are currently speaking with several of the world’s major pharmaceutical manufacturers to help bring our app to as many people as possible. Ideas under discussion include co-branding or sponsoring MediSafe Project, as well as white-labeling our app under their brands. Pharmaceutical companies are also interested in receiving our anonymous, aggregated user data – so they can better understand who their customers are and exactly how they are taking their medication. This data is expected to help them adjust educational and marketing campaigns to improve medication adherence.”

When people who have medical issues receive medication compliance help, the patients and everyone involved in providing and consuming health care can benefit.



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