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Scott Kolber Makes Public Transportation Easier With Roadify

Those who commute to and from work on public transit know how unpredictable and inconvenient it can be to use.  Trains, buses, and ferries often run off schedule due to delays.  Scott Kolber is a cool person in technology trying to tackle this problem as CEO of Roadify.  Roadify is a company that makes and distributes an iOS app of the same name, which feeds users information about public transit schedules, changes, and delays in real-time.  Kolber and his team aggregate all public transit information through the app in real time so users are up to date on what the fastest public transit routes to home and work are and what routes might slow them down or get them in trouble.  Kolber wants to offer users a comprehensive resource so they can avoid public transit disasters as they try to get around their hometown.  Users who believe their Roadify data isn’t updating properly can always contact smartphone tech support to find a solution.

Kolber and his company also integrate a social networking aspect into Roadify.  Users can post public updates about transit delays if they come across any issues that didn’t show up on the app.  This ensures that Roadify always has updated information even when transit systems have not officially posted delays yet.  Roadify collects data from both the public transit systems and user-generated posts so that they can alert people when a delay might interrupt their schedule.

Kolber wants to expand Roadify’s business beyond just smartphones too.  His company has launched a product dubbed the “TransitBoard” which presents real-time public transit data on large screens.  In theory, this would be useful for large workplaces in major cities or public places like restaurants or concert venues.  Businesses who utilize the TransitBoard, but experience malfunctions will want business IT support to fix issues quickly.

Before taking over as CEO and directing Roadify, Scott Kolber founded RelevantScale, a business development practice.  He has also been the SVP of business development at Linkstorm and a founding partner for television production and licensing venture Canopy Enterprises.  Kolber’s extensive business background likely informs his continued effort to grow and develop the Roadify business.


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