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PadSquad Helps Small Businesses Make Tablet-Friendly, Responsive Websites

The percentage of Internet traffic that comes from mobile users steadily increases every business quarter and every year.  People engage with the web on their phones and tablets just as much as they do through a standard desktop or laptop.  In many cases, people use their mobile devices even more than their PCs or Macs. Companies need to do as much as possible to accommodate the growing mobile marketplace if they want to advertise their products, services or content successfully.  While major corporations have the resources to develop mobile applications  for themselves and their subsidiaries, privately owned small businesses find themselves at a disadvantage in the age of mobile technology These smaller companies often don’t have the internal business computer services and resources to easily develop mobile versions of their website.  However, thanks to cool product PadSquad, these companies have another option.

PadSquad is a platform that allows companies to create mobile-friendly versions of their web content for users to experience on their tablets and smartphones.  PadSquad offers their platform to any business that runs a site designed for the desktop rather than mobile devices.  The platform allows companies to customize their sites easily so that mobile viewers receive an experience that is more appropriate to them.  PadSquad can help many small businesses get an edge in the market once again by leveling the playing field.  Potential customers using a phone or tablet won’t turn away from a business’s website when browsing on a mobile device if the company has optimized the site for touch with PadSquad’s service.  PadSquad’s mobile-optimized sites prepare companies for a world where they have to treat mobile and desktop Internet users equally in their marketing.

PadSquad also states that they make a specific effort to distinguish even between smartphone and tablet audiences.  The company believes that smartphone and tablet browsers are not the same demographic necessarily.  PadSquad aims to help companies optimize the mobile experience for one or the other based on where the most potential customers might be for a specific small business.  Companies who have problems with their optimized sites once completed may need tablet tech support to determine any issues.

PadSquad provides an appealing service that can benefit many small businesses on the web.  This startup has the foresight to see what is going to be necessary to stay competitive in the future.  By offering small businesses a way to compete in the new mobile-heavy world of the Internet, PadSquad is guaranteeing themselves relevance for some time to come.


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