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Dedicated Television Fans Can Keep Track of All Their Shows with the TeeVee App

Television shows have always been a major piece of American pop culture and in recent years, there has even been increased media attention for popular shows on network and cable television.  Shows such as Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory and Mad Men have all garnered tremendous fan bases and mainstream media attention. Many online communities centered on different television shows sprout up consistently as well.  Die-hard television viewers who watch and follow several shows religiously now have a cool product that helps them stay up to date with each show they watch.  TeeVee is an iPhone app that contains a large database of many active and inactive television shows that still air regularly either in their main runs or through syndication.  The app gives users data about the next time a show is going to air, episode details and even connects people to preview trailers for new seasons and episodes of popular shows.  TeeVee is currently available as an app both for iPhone and iPad users. Apple support is available for those who experience issues trying to download TeeVee from the App Store.

TeeVee also allows users to create a personalized show calendar and set up personalized reminders and notifications for when a particular show is going to air.  People who follow a large number of television shows can benefit from the system as it allows them to avoid confusing the times of certain shows and missing any episodes.  Users who watch shows that appear at conflicting times will also benefit from this feature since they can set reminders for reruns as well as original airtimes.  Anyone who has trouble getting the TeeVee notifications to appear on their iPhone should make sure to contact iPhone support for assistance.

The TeeVee app also places a heavy emphasis on being visually appealing to users, with a significant focus on design aspects.  One should not consider this very surprising as the app means to appeal to fans of a primarily visual medium like television.  Style and substance are important to most television viewers and this cool product aims to have both.

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