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Doot Lets You Leave Location-Based Messages for Your Friends on Their Phones

Everybody likes a little surprise in their day.  At least that sentiment is what the creators of cool technology product Doot are counting on with their location-based smartphone messaging service.  Doot lets users leave messages with their smartphone that tie themselves to specific location.  When one of your friends comes to that same location, their phone notifies them and shows them your message. Your friend gets a surprise message about where they are and hopefully find the surprise interaction fun and whimsical.  Users can post public messages to all of their friends or direct specific messages at particular people.  Doot integrates with Facebook so you can leave messages for all your friends and contacts as soon as you download the app.  If you have had trouble with Facebook connected software before, remote computer support may be able to help you.

Doot does have potential practical uses.  For example, if you know some friends have wanted to try out a restaurant and you eat there first, you could leave them a Doot about the quality of the food or anything particularly delicious.  Another possibility would be leaving a Doot for your spouse on the sidewalk outside the grocery store so they remember to get milk on the way back from work later.  While Doot’s location based messaging may appear to be merely a gimmick at first, consumers with a little ingenuity can potentially find many useful applications of the concept.

Doot also allows for public messages akin to tweets or Facebook status updates.  Users can browse public messages on Doot’s app or on their website even if they aren’t in a message’s specific location.  However, users can see exactly where each user left their Doot via Google Maps integration.  Users who have had difficulty with Google Maps before should seek assistance from a tech support specialist.

Doots are not strictly limited to text content.  Users can leave pictures as part of their Doots as well.  However, there is no current support for video messages.  Doot users are also currently limited to the iPhone platform.  The company has not publicly expressed plans to expand to Android devices yet.


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