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Amazon’s Tablets Dominate RESCUECOM’s 2014 Computer Reliability Report

RESCUECOM has just released the 2014 Computer Reliability Report, and it contains a shocking change in the status quo regarding reliability statistics. Up until now, it had become commonplace to see Samsung and Apple in the top positions in technology reliability.  However, that is no longer the case as a new player has come from nowhere to dominate the field.  Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets have not only sold excessively well and taken a sizeable chunk of the overall market, but also managed to provide extremely reliable products.  Despite Amazon’s impressive market share, the company’s tablets accounted for a nearly insignificant amount of tech support calls to RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 technicians.  With so few people calling in for tablet computer support help with their Kindle Fires, Amazon’s reliability score came out to be 7590, nearly ten times the score of their nearest competitor, Samsung! 

One likely reason for Amazon’s incredible rise to the top in computer reliability is the new “Mayday” feature installed in their tablets.  Mayday allows people to receive direct Level-1 tech support services through the Kindle Fire itself.  Amazon’s representatives have video calls with customers to help them resolve troubleshooting issues.  This feature severely reduces the need for Amazon’s customers to call third-party tech support services, as Mayday can resolve most minor issues.  Problems that are more difficult will require Level-3 tech support.  Kindle Fire users can get help from RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians through RESCUECOM’s iProtector™ software.

Other than Amazon’s sudden appearance at the number one position, much of the 2014 Computer Reliability Report is unsurprising.  Samsung and Apple remain in the top three as they have for the last three previous reports.  The consistency that Samsung and Apple demonstrate in their reliability over long periods is impressive.

It is noteworthy that the top three manufacturers in the report—Amazon, Samsung, and Apple—are all prominent tablet manufacturers.  The Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tablet series, and Apple iPads are three of the most popular lines of tablets on the market.  Meanwhile, many of the lower-ranked manufacturers in the report, such as Dell and HP, are primarily PC manufacturers. As of this report, the companies that dominate the tablet market seem to remain ahead in reliability as well.

IBM/Lenovo was the only company to see a significant drop in their reliability score.  The company saw their market share drop by a full 2.0% while their computer support call share only dropped 0.2%.  This could be in part due to Lenovo’s unpopular tablet offerings.  Lenovo has not been able to grab a strong hold of the tablet market up to this point.  This fact is very apparent when compared with competing companies like Amazon and Apple. This situation especially hurts IBM/Lenovo given the recent drop in popularity of standard PC form factors.  IBM/Lenovo’s dip in reliability score correlating with their weaker tablet offering is possibly further evidence of tablets’ superior overall reliability to desktop and laptop computers.

Amazon’s impressive jump to the top in computer reliability sets an interesting stage for the future.  There is no doubt that Amazon’s competitors are already working on ways to adjust and compete. Each manufacturer will need to develop their strategies to account for Amazon’s new place in the market.  How effective those adjustments are will likely dictate the outcomes of many future reliability reports.


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