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Apple and Samsung Are Leaders in Reliability This Holiday Season – RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report 2014 Q3

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RESCUECOM’s 2014 Q3 Computer Reliability Report results are in, just in time to allow you to compare tech devices before buying on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. With all of the deals on technology this time of year, you want to make sure to get the best device you can for your money. Whether you are looking for a computer or a tablet, RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report will give you all the information you need to make the right purchase. Even if you are looking to buy a device for someone else this holiday season, RESCUECOM’s convenient reliability grades will help you choose the perfect fit. Read more »

Samuel J. Palmisano Continues To Guide IBM!

Some say that a real leader is one who knows when to lead and when to follow.  In the case of the tech sector, executives in leadership roles have a tendency to be deposed (usually for failing to meet a financial goal the company set), retire, or quite to move on to their next big project or company.  It is a rare leader who is willing to give up the lion’s share of control for the benefit of their company and yet continue to work under their successor.  Samuel J. Palmisano, former CEO of IBM, is one such impressive leader. Read more »

The Rescuecom Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report

The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report, which has Samsung taking the gold! Read more »

Leaving Big Tech For Metal, Brenda Grissom Is Fascinating!

There are so many workers who strive to get their foot in the door with one of the big tech companies, so it can be surprising to hear about all of the people who leave the giants of the tech sector to work for smaller companies.  After years of working for companies with more than ten thousand employees, though, it can be nice to go work for a smaller company.  Often executives who do are given greater responsibility and flexibility and that may lead them to a greater sense of satisfaction than they had at the bigger company.  With more than a decade working for IBM and Lenovo, Brenda Grissom is now finding satisfaction and stimulation at Grissom Sheet Metal! Read more »

Now At The Head Of IBM, Virginia Rometty Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

The dream story of the American worker is one where an individual with an aptitude for a skill can find work at a big company to earn a living.  Over years, with hard work and additional training/education, the dream of the worker is to someday take over management of the company they started at.  That dream comes true with increasingly less frequency as competition, mergers, and radical shifts in the marketplace have companies rising and falling faster than ever.  But one of the great success stories for the American dream came true recently when Virginia Rometty took the reins at IBM! Read more »

Feel Sorry For Companies And Buy More (Please).

There is a troubling psychology to the business end of the technology and entertainment industries at the moment.  Both the electronics and computers (tech) sector and the entertainment industry are manipulating consumers and it is troubling how long their behavior has gone unreported. Read more »

Drilling Holes In A Microchip Increases Speed

IBM is a company known for its research into impossible technologies, which its scientists somehow make possible. They may have just done it again, by creating a microchip that can transfer information at the speed of nearly one terabit per second. IBM’s experimental microchip runs at eight times the speed of other chips. Read more »

Rescuecom Announces Its 2012 Computer Reliability Report

For Rescuecom’s dedicated Blog readers: An Exclusive first look at this year’s Computer Reliability Report! The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Annual 2012 Computer Reliability Report; Lenovo/IBM returns to dominance while Samsung grows significantly!

“Entering 2012, Lenovo/IBM’s rise in reliability will be an important boost for the company.  Although Apple’s market share has risen over the last 12 months, its reliability has declined. The comparatively smaller Toshiba and Samsung are illustrating interesting reliability trends worth watching over the coming year,” stated David Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM.  For 2012, Rescuecom now includes all manufacturers with a market share of at least above one percent in this report.

The Computer Reliability Report scores for 2012 are:

Read more »

What Is USB 3.0 And What Does It Mean To You?

With all of the rapidly-changing aspects of computer technology, it can be very hard to keep up.  Indeed, for those who are casual computer users without real investment in the computer hardware industry, it was not so long ago that the USB port became the dominant interface port.  Suddenly, when you upgraded your computer and wanted to use your favorite old keyboard or mouse, you discovered there were no ports in the back of your new computer for it!  Like compact discs to records, the USB port has pretty much eliminated most specialized ports on computers.  In the world of USB ports, USB 3.0 is slowly creeping up in popularity.

But, you might be wondering, just what is USB 3.0?

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How Far Can A Bachelor’s Degree Take You? Just Ask IGT’s CEO Patti S. Hart!

In the United States, students learn that there are two avenues to success: connections and higher education.  While nepotism and interpersonal relationships certainly have their roles in advancing one’s career, nothing takes the place of hard work.  But even those who work hard are told the only way to truly get ahead is by pursuing higher education.  The technology sector confounds those expectations by advancing educated individuals who have great ideas and needed skills, as opposed to just higher degrees.  One executive who has benefitted from corporations who value experience over degrees is Patti S. Hart.

Patti S. Hart is the Chief Executive Officer of International Game Technology, the maker of video slot machines, like Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania!  Hart joined the Board of Directors of IGT in 2006 and ascended to CEO of IGT in 2009.  Since becoming CEO, Patti Hart has expanded the influence of IGT in casinos and promoted the video game versions of IGT games, making International Game Technology even more profitable.

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