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Hear Your Music Like The Artists Intended With The iOnly Bass Docking System!

Virtually every musical artist will tell you that when they created their music, they did not format it in such a way that the ideal presentation would come from a pair of ear buds.  Most musicians create music that resonates in the open air or rattles the wall from the depth of sound it produces.  An entire generation is being raised on digital music players where the priority is portability, not sound quality.  But that generation is not lost yet; many manufactures are producing docking systems that allow you to play music from your portable music devices over a more sophisticated speaker system than the native ones.  For fans of Apple portable music and computing devices, there is the iOnly Bass Docking System. Read more »

Get The Most Out Of Your Tablet, Without Getting A Ticket, With The Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount!

You should not attempt to operate your smartphone or tablet computer while driving.  In many states in the United States, legislators are proposing and passing more rigid guidelines pertaining to using a smartphone or texting while driving.  However, because the most aggressive bills proposed to limit smartphone usage in automobiles would also affect the use of radios or dashboard c.d. players, the odds are very good that hands free laws are ones most likely to continue being written and passed.  Thus, anything you can do to make your mobile computing device truly hands free is a good idea.  For those who prefer tablet computers to smartphones, one of the very best options is the Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount 18” Seat Rail or Floor Mount. Read more »

Your New iPad Is Kept Protected And Stylish In The MagFolio For iPad.

With the release of the latest iteration of Apple’s iPad, there are new accessories one has to consider!  While many of the accessories for the prior iPad releases still fit the new iPad, if you are upgrading the hardware, why not give your accessories an upgrade to reflect your current sense of fashion?  One of the first, and coolest, accessories specifically released for the new iPad is the MagFolio For iPad. Read more »

Feel Sorry For Companies And Buy More (Please).

There is a troubling psychology to the business end of the technology and entertainment industries at the moment.  Both the electronics and computers (tech) sector and the entertainment industry are manipulating consumers and it is troubling how long their behavior has gone unreported. Read more »

Put Your Old Movies And Music On Your iPad With The Cirago IPA8000!

Despite the ongoing digital revolution, not all musical releases or even VHS videos have been transferred to the digital medium.  Not only is it disappointing to have to rebuy media one already has just to make it compatible with the latest technology, often consumers are forced to make a decision between upgrading and losing their beloved programs or recordings or keeping around old, outdated technology.  For those who have Apple mobile products with a screen, that is no longer a choice they have to make, thanks to the Cirago IPA8000 Composite AV Cable with USB. Read more »

What Will Apple’s New Mapping System Do?

For months, there have been rumors in the tech sector of a new competitor to Google Maps.  That competitor is none other than Apple and at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the new Apple mapping service made its debut.  Here are some important aspects of it:

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A Very Convenient Cable For Apple Enthusiasts . . . Who Use Other Electronics As Well: Cirago’s IMA1000!

Despite how many functions Apple adds to each new incarnation of the iPhone and iPad, many people do not use Apple products exclusively.  Professional photographers, for example, have resisted Apple’s attempt to replace their professional photographic equipment with the camera that comes on the iPhone 4S.  Even so, there are a number of convenient applications on the iPhone and iPad that might make you want to connect your Apple mobile computing device with another electronic device you have.  The Cirago USB Synch/Charge Kit now makes connecting Apple and non-Apple devices both possible and easy! Read more »

Wake Up To Your iPod’s Music With The Luna Voyager II!

It is easy to suspect that the more popular digital music becomes, the more people will load up their MP3 players and discover that they have created pretty massive collections of music.  As people come to the realization that they have spent a lot of money on digital music, one suspects they will want to continue going through their musical library more and more.  When you do that, you are equally likely to enjoy all that you have accumulated and eliminate mediocre tracks from your collection before refilling your MP3 player.  Given that there are only so many hours in the day to enjoy these massive music libraries, accessories that allow you to play music you know and love where traditionally you have had a radio are becoming more and more popular.  For those who have Apple iPods, the XtremeMac Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio is becoming an increasingly popular device for exactly that reason! Read more »

The Tablet As A Business Tool May Cause Apple Some Headaches

The marketing and statistics company Barclay’s has released its new CIO survey results, which explore how businesses are investing in technology.  Unsurprisingly, one of the emerging technologies that businesses are investing in more and more are tablet computers.  As the dominant manufacturer in the tablet computer market with its iPad, Apple Computers is witnessing a potential windfall from businesses buying iPads.  However, businesses investing heavily in iPads have the potential to be bad news for both Apple and businesses that invest in them.  Some of the looming issues for Apple include: Read more »

iPad – Plain And Simple

Apple’s new device is not the iPad 3, iPad HD, or The New iPad. “iPad” is its whole name, even though this is the third model in what may prove to be a long line of devices. With such a universally-recognized device, it sometimes helps to re-establish brand awareness and market dominance.  By calling it simply “iPad,” Apple reminds consumers that they were the first and definitive tablet computer manufacturer.  That type of nod to the market power of the iPad could not have been done with a name like third-generation iPad, iPad 3, or iPad HD.

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