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Tech Support Blog

Increased Corporate Victimization Highlights Need for Better Internet Security

A recent survey has revealed some troubling data for corporate technology users when it comes to Internet security.

According to the Sixth Annual Enterprise IT Security Survey, conducted by Amplitude Research, 67% of large companies (minimum of 5,000 employees) reported at least one significant security intrusion.

That was over 25% higher than the year before.

Companies cited various potential reasons for the increase, ranging from significant Internet security weaknesses to employee Internet usage.  No matter the reason, one thing is clear:  large corporations are coming under increased attack. Read more »

Business Support and Computer Repair Needs to be Fast and Reliable

Your business needs technology, and that technology doesn’t always work.  So how do you choose where to go for your computer repair and business support needs?

Business technology used to be simple: a computer or two, a phone, and maybe a fax machine.

Today’s technology is far more complicated.  Most businesses, even the small ones, rely on multiple pieces of technology, from networked computers, to printers, to servers, and that’s just the hardware.  When you add in software such as different operating systems, office productivity suites, email, scheduling, and payroll programs, many businesses find themselves dependant on technology that isn’t always reliable.

When technology isn’t reliable, you need business support and computer repair that is. Read more »

Online Business Needs: Network Service

RESCUECOM offers suggestions on choosing the right network for your online business needs.

Today, almost every business functions at least partly online.  Choosing the right network and maintaining it can be hard, so RESCUECOM offers network service, tailored to your meet your online business needs. Read more »

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Micro-Hoo and what it all means for Google

I think everyone is missing the point of the Yahoo-Microsoft deal. Most people have forgotten Novell, except the people in Provo, UT still reeling from the destruction of the Microsoft machine, and of course, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. Eric Schmidt took over the reins at Novell in March 1997, when Microsoft was outselling Novell’s Netware Operating System 9 to 5, certainly the decline of Novell’s once 90%+ share of the Network Operating System to just about nothing today should not be lost on the folks over at Google. Read more »

RESCUECOM Issues Computer Buyer Checklist for Holiday Shoppers


You’re not just buying a machine; you’re also buying a company!

Among the most popular holiday gifts this year will be computer laptops, desktops and related products. Those who buy computers as gifts can easily make the wrong purchase if they don’t give their decision the proper thought. With that in mind, RESCUECOM has issued a Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist, items to consider before buying that first computer you see, or the first one the retailer suggests you buy.

With cut-rate pricing, high-pressure sales, and new technology being introduced all the time, confusion ends up being the biggest Grinch for technology shoppers during the holiday season. Those buying computers must think not only about the price of a machine but other factors such as warranties, reliability, how the recipient is likely to use the computer and what additional accessories they are likely to need.

The RESCUECOM Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist is designed to give shoppers guidance in their technology purchasing decisions. If used in conjunction with RESCUECOM’s soon to be released National Computer Reliability Report, shoppers will be ready to make the right purchase this holiday season. Read more »

Winning Is A Choice!

Winning Is A Choice!

The first step in winning in business is to make the conscious choice to do so. If running a business was easy, everyone would do it. What makes it difficult for startups and small businesses to grow is that most people don’t have the level of expertise needed in dealing with all the different disciplines necessary to be successful. The purpose of any startup business, or small business, or even a corporate conglomerate is to increase its revenue, reduce its costs, and thereby increase its profits, and this has to happen in order for market share growth to accumulate and translate to success.

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