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SeatGeek is a Startup That is Shaking Up Online Ticket Sales

Two major players have long dominated online ticketing: Ticketmaster and StubHub.  Ticketmaster controls the market for direct purchase of tickets from venues and performers, while StubHub controls the market for secondhand tickets and resellers.  However, a cool product that has recently popped up that might change the online ticketing marketplace up with some innovative features and concepts.  This cool product is SeatGeek.  SeatGeek does online ticketing, but acts as a search engine rather than a direct seller or reseller.  The company aggregates every ticket deal for any live event that it finds on the Internet.  Users can search for the best deals in live entertainment from the SeatGeek web page.  SeatGeek aggregates ticket deals for sporting events, live music, theater and even comedy shows.  The website provides visitors with a simple interface involving a large search bar, similar in design to major web search engines such as Google and Bing.  All a user has to do is type in what they are looking for and SeatGeek scours the net for the best possible deal for that event, artist, or venue.  It’s unlikely someone will need help to navigate the website with this design, but there are remote tech support services available if someone does have trouble.

Since convenience and ease of use is essential to SeatGeek’s model, it only makes sense that the product would also be available on mobile.  There is a smartphone app available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  People who have bad experiences downloading smartphone apps in the past may want smartphone IT support to help them.

This model challenges the current situation in online ticketing because it increases the visibility of Ticketmaster and StubHub’s competitors.   SeatGeek levels the playing field and looks everywhere on the web for ticket deals.  This means that a SeatGeek user has an even chance of seeing smaller ticketing websites next to major players like Ticketmaster.  SeatGeek gives preference based on the best value and price for tickets, not based on the popularity of a ticketing site.  If this cool product catches on and more people use it, it will force more competition in the online ticketing market.  The increase in competition could then lead to both better ticket pricing and lower fees overall as well as the introduction of several new players into the mainstream of online ticketing.  It will be very interesting to see how the market develops if SeatGeek succeeds and grows substantially.


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