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Moon+ Reader is One of the Best for Android

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For those who enjoy reading, there are plenty of e-readers on the market, but more and more apps are being released that can turn the tablet or smartphone you use every day into an e-reader as well.  Moon+ Reader is an e-magazine and e-book app for Android devices that will help you to personalize your reading experience on mobile devices, but what makes it different from similar apps?  The list of advantages it holds over other e-reader apps is surprisingly lengthy.

For one thing, few such apps allow users to read files in a large number of formats.  Moon+ Reader, on the other hand, tackles over a dozen.  From epub to pdf, txt, html, zip files, and some you have likely never heard of, it offers an impressive list of compatible file formats.  Some competing apps allow you to format text size. Moon+ Reader does as well, but it also lets you control the file type, spacing, bold, italic, shadow, and more technical aspects such as coloring and fading edges.  You can also control screen brightness with a slide of your finger, and there is a night mode for under-the-covers reading.

You can scroll just how you please, whether by tapping or setting an automatic speed, horizontally or vertically, while highlighting and looking up words in the dictionary is as easy as a long tap wherever you like.  There are very few ads in the free version and none in the very reasonably priced pro version.  Since mobile devices are susceptible to Internet threats, it is a good idea to have access to virus removal services to continue utilizing Moon+ Reader wherever you go.

The list of additional benefits that come with purchasing the upgraded version of the app is extensive, including access to text-to-speech conversion, not to mention the many customization options.  There are different ways to scroll or turn pages, page-turning effects that you can customize as far as speed, color and background options, bookshelf design and categorization options, and more.  You can change paragraph structure to trim unwanted blank spaces and lines.  The app lets you choose dual page reading, has features such as dictionary and thesaurus lookups and translation, and even supports video and audio.  You can also trade what you are reading between mobile devices and pick up where you were on different phones or tablets.  Users will want to have access to a reliable company that can provide computer support for mobile devices in order to get the most out of Moon+ Reader’s service.

E-reader apps are excellent tools for those who want their function without getting a completely separate device from those they already own.  For those who want the most options and best features, Moon+ Reader is certainly one to place high on the list.


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