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Rob Mancabelli Wants to Use Analytics to Change Education with BrightBytes

Analytics and data collection is hot area in the technology industry.  There are countless analytics startups trying to help both large corporations and small businesses grow.  However, cool person in technology Rob Mancabelli believes that analytics can help improve more than just business.  Mancabelli is a former teacher and educational technology director that wants to get schools on the analytics bandwagon in order to find better ways to help young students.  Mancabelli’s company BrightBytes has developed a product for schools that provides actionable data that can help institutions improve children’s experiences and increase their learning.  Mancabelli wants to measure how students interact with what’s available at school and seeing what policy changes affect positive change statistically.  If his product can provide these insights, Mancabelli’s analytics could have a major impact on education.  For example, if analytics prove students using the computer lab more often frequently receive better grades, then there is viable data school officials can use to acquire more funds for things like IT support.  Just knowing the most effective ways to spend a school’s limited funds could make serious change in many kids’ educations.

Clarity is the main product produced by Mancabelli’s company, BrightBytes.  Clarity provides schools with a dashboard where administrators can review their collected data at any time.  Clarity also has analytical features that can point out potential connections between data points. This feature means to give users real insight into what policies may affect each other within a school’s administrative system.  Mancabelli’s company also optimizes the Clarity dashboard for mobile viewing. Mancabelli wants educational professionals to be able to review data on their smartphones and tablets.  Any educators who have trouble accessing Clarity via their mobile devices should look into mobile PC support services.

Mancabelli is a former educator himself, having worked in both public and private schools for many years. Mancabelli has also managed to build a strong career as a public speaker on technology and education by sing his experience in many different educational environments.  This MIT graduate has made himself an influential thinker in his field and he is now using that position to try to affect change for schools with the BrightBytes system and platform.  It will be interesting to see if analytics can help change education the same way it has changed the way people do business in the technology sector.


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