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Planana CEO Anna Sergeeva Promotes Events with Attendee Perks

Driving attendance to events is not a simple task.  Even if an event should theoretically have drawing power on paper, getting people to come to it can still be an uphill battle without proper marketing. One of the most powerful ways to spread awareness for events is through word of mouth. This reality is likely due to the fact people are most likely to trust recommendations and ideas from people that they already know.  Cool person in technology Anna Sergeeva wants to help event promoters and marketers improve their attendance numbers by leveraging this reality with her company Planana.  Planana provides marketers with online tools that provide special perks to attendees that share information about an event through social media. As attendees share information about an event online, it increases the reach of an event’s marketing by word of mouth.  With more reach on social media, Sergeeva believes attendance numbers will rise for promoters who use her product. 

Currently, Planana integrates with Facebook and Twitter so users can share event information with their online friends and followers to gain perks through referrals.  Any users who have trouble posting to social media through Planana can get help from an online computer support company.

Sergeeva founded Planana in 2011, originally calling the company “TrueRSVP”.  Sergeeva’s original aim with her startup was to predict attendance numbers for event planners, but she pivoted her company in 2012 to focus on driving attendance rather than predicting it.  Planana’s new goals drive more value for promoters and event marketers looking to boost business, which should drive more customers to this cool person’s startup over time.

Planana provides perks such as major discounts at online retailers for promoters to offer attendees.  Marketers place a widget on their company or event website that allows people to spread information via Twitter and Facebook.  Planana then tracks what shares get clicks.  Sergeeva’s company then delivers digital perks to attendees that bring in traffic with their social sharing.  Any marketers who experience difficulty getting the Planana widget to appear on their website should contact business computer services for help.

Sergeeva worked in marketing at CBS College Sports and the Creative Artists Agency before founding her own startup.  Her demonstrated ability to adapt and adjust with her company’s pivot in 2012 as well as her background in the marketing world signal that she is quite capable of maintaining the helm of Planana heading forward.


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