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The Beats Studio 3 are Among the Best Headphones Ever Made

For all the good technological innovation and advancement could potentially achieve, entertainment has always been and remains one of its main focuses. Whether for sports, gaming, movies and TV, or a host of other things including, in the case of the Beats Studio 3 headphones, music, it holds any number of applications to make our lives more interesting. Wireless headphones were an evolution welcomed by most music lovers as well as those who wish to game, read audio books, and listen to anything they want privately without the hindrance or hassle of cords. Beats first appeared on the market in 2006 and have since become the largest-selling wireless headphones in the world. Created by Beats Electronics, developments have been timely and thorough, as anyone might expect from a subsidiary of Apple.

While Apple’s support is general effective, you may desire quicker technical assistance than it tends to provide if you ever need a repair. You will want it if you need it, though, as these headphones have some impressive technology of which you will want to take full advantage. One of the coolest innovations is the Studio 3’s Adaptive Noise Canceling technology (ANC). It is not the headphone design itself that prevents you from hearing outside noise. Instead, there is a tiny button on the right headphone that activates the ANC so that, while the volume of life around you may be cacophonous, a simple push of this button drowns it all out. If you push it twice again, you can hear everything around you. While ANC is not new, per se, the Studio 3 boasts “Pure ANC,” adjusting to the environment as necessary. This frees up the design of the headphones to be as comfortable as possible without being bulky or having bulky padding which, while effective, was the old way of achieving noise control.

As can be expected, there are some delicate elements to the Studio 3 that will require expert help if you develop any problems. These include Apple’s W1 communication chip and software for connectivity to any recent enough iOS-enabled mobile device. This allows your phone or tablet to display the remaining battery life of your headphones and lets you listen to any music on any device through an iCloud account. The Studio 3 has 22 hours of battery life and a micro USB outlet for charging, and its state-of-the-art tech means exceptional audio quality overall. There are many options for wireless headphones but, if you have the budget to afford the highest-end devices, there are few that can match up to the Beats Studio 3.


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