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Josh Schanker Created BookBub to Save People Money in the World of eBooks

Reading can be an expensive hobby.  Hardcover books often cost between fifteen and twenty dollars and many paperback books hover around the ten-dollar area at bookstores across the United States.  However, avid eBook readers know that going digital can save people a significant amount of money.  While eBooks aren’t often cheaper than their physical counterparts upon initial release, digital bookstores provide readers with free and heavily discounted books far more than physical retailers do.  However, readers have to dig through the depths of different eBook stores like Amazon’s Kindle Store, Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Nook’s digital store to find these deals.  Most companies do not heavily advertise these discounts, especially in niche genres that have many digital readers.  Cool person in technology and entrepreneur Josh Schanker wants to make it much easier for eBook readers to find these deals.  In fact, with his company BookBub, he wants to make it completely effortless.  Schanker’s company provides a service that both curates specific eBook deals for its customers and automatically delivers the deals via email.  Anyone who has trouble receiving email will obviously need to contact a remote tech support company for help before using BookBub.

Schanker’s company scours the web to find high profile eBooks for free or for very little money.  BookBub works with every digital reader and online eBook store so every user can benefit. Those who have trouble downloading the books onto their devices may need mobile computer repair for their eReaders. Schanker and his staff also provide individualized curation services for his customers. Customers provide BookBub with their genre and author preferences so that Schanker and company can predict the deals the will interest them the most.  The goal is to provide customers only with books they would want to download anyway, but to give them a way to do so without breaking the bank.  Using Schanker’s services, users can ease the burden that a heavy reading habit places on their wallets.

Schanker is a serial entrepreneur and BookBub is his third startup in the technology industry.  Before founding BookBub, Schanker founded Sconex, which he ran for three years.  Even earlier than that, this cool person created Sombasa Media and acted as president of that company for two years.  Schanker has also spent time investing other startups since 2008, trying to help other founders become as successful as he has with all his companies, including BookBub.


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