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Prss Gives You the Power to Release Your Own Digital Publications

The print journalism and publishing industry is shrinking yearly as digital magazines and newspapers become the new standard.  This shift has created a new barrier for those who want to get their publications out to the majority of the market online.  Getting a magazine or newspaper to the widest possible audience now requires technical skills that one did not need in the print era.  However, cool product Prss takes down that barrier of difficulty for professional writers and publishers who want to release their work as high quality digital publications.  Prss is a web platform where users create, design, and fill their digital publications with content. It also includes a distribution service to release those publications globally via the Internet.  Prss gives publishers the tools to design and create their own mobile app for their digital magazine even without excessive technical knowledge or skill.  Readers can access the apps you publish via digital distribution services such as Apple’s Newsstand in iOS.  If you don’t understand what Newsstand is or how it works, an Apple tech support service will be able to help you.

Prss bases its digital publication creation platform in the cloud, which means that potential publishers can access their work from any device with an Internet connection.  Prss’s editing platform also allows for simultaneous collaboration with up to thirty people.  Therefore, small teams of editors, designers and writers will be able to work faster and more smoothly as they can perform their jobs at the same time.  Prss also lets publishers incorporate miniature paywalls within their content.  Prss lets creators include in-app purchases, allowing publishers to entice more readers by making the initial download free.  Prss also lets users manage as many publications as they want, allowing for many different marketing strategies.  If you have technical trouble instituting any of Prss’s features, online computer support can help you optimize your experience.

Prss also includes an analytics solution so once a user publishes they can track how often their work is purchased and by whom.  If a publisher finds that a change in their work has negatively impacted their audience, they can update their publication through Prss to fix any errors or misguided ideas.


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