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RESCUECOM Releases Back to School 2015 Q2 Computer Reliability Report

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.pngStill looking to buy a computer or a tablet for school or just to upgrade? You need to know the reliability of computers on the market.

RESCUECOM – which has repaired hundreds of thousands of computers, tablets and smartphones – is in a great position to give you advice on what level of reliability you can expect on different computers.  Stick to Apple and Samsung if you want the least problems based on RESCUECOM’s experience.

“With the beginning of a school year just getting underway, it is important to know which computers and tablets are most reliable for your child to use in the classroom and what device they can depend on for completing daily homework assignments,” says David Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM, in his latest quarterly report.

Interestingly, in this report major brands such as Amazon are notably absent.  Amazon took the top spot in a recent Computer Reliability report, but Amazon tablets have sunk in popularity and drastically reduced the company’s market share to the point where they are no longer in this report.  The order itself has shifted only slightly, as most of the brands expected to be at the top remain there.  These include Samsung, Apple, and IBM/Lenovo holding the same ranks they held most recently due to an increase in each one’s overall score, while Dell has risen from almost last and Acer dropped one spot.  Asus keeps its spot in the median range, while Microsoft takes the spot just above it.

The fight for the top spot has been between Samsung and Apple in recent quarters, and no contender has topped these extremely reliable brands for it.  While Samsung takes first place in this quarter, the scores for Apple were higher than in the previous report.  It is important to note that Samsung’s market share is in the median range at 6.8% while Apple’s 21.4% is the largest market share of any manufacturer.  Apple has held a large market share for nearly two years, making its unvarying reliability all the more meaningful and notable.

IBM/Lenovo currently remains the third most reliable brand, a spot it has held for some time, and its score has risen slightly since the most recent report.  Its overall score, based upon the ratio of service calls to market shares, has not improved as drastically as either Samsung or Apple, slowing its progress in catching up to either one and keeping it solidly in third place.  Still, it maintains a position as one of the most consistently reliable brands on the market and remains a contender for first or second place with further improvement.

Microsoft and Asus each fall into the middle of the rankings, a familiar spot for Asus, and Microsoft receives its ranking from its production of the Surface tablet.  Asus scores just above average, though its score is a little lower than it was in the most recent report, while differences between scores becomes less drastic toward the bottom of the list.  While Microsoft has a smaller market share than some might expect considering its size and how many tech devices utilize its software, it is not surprising given that its hardware, namely the Surface tablet, is just gaining traction in the tech industry.  This is Microsoft’s first inclusion in the Computer Reliability Report, mainly because its hardware is only recently becoming more popular in the market.  Also key is the fact that Microsoft has had some initial difficulties with its Surface tablet and has only recently been able to make adjustments to fix them.  Time will tell if these adjustments lead to a rise in the rankings and market share.

Dell has risen close to the middle from being next to last most recently.  It holds a significant market share at 15.5 %, but also holds the distinction of having the second highest repair share.  Its increase in score brings it close to Asus, though Toshiba is very close behind.  Toshiba’s score has increased the least significantly since the last quarter, equaling to a gain of only a few points.  It also holds the same rank as it did then, exactly the third place from last overall.

Rounding out the bottom of the list are Acer and HP, marking a drop in both score and ranking and making HP the least reliable manufacturer for this quarter.  This is especially concerning for consumers because HP has the second highest market share at 16.8% and more than doubles the second highest repair share.  It is significant that its score has dropped despite having held last place most recently.  Though second to last, Acer’s score is a few points above failing, making HP the only manufacturer to receive a failing grade, an unenviable feat achieved in the last report at well.

In comparison to the most recent previous report, no manufacturer has seen a particularly significant increase or decrease in ranking, though some of the changes in score have been significant.  Microsoft’s rank may easily change as it continues to produce unique tech devices and platforms.  Samsung, Apple, and IBM continue to rise, and will only display improved reliability scores if the trends continues to hold.  There is clearly a great deal of work for HP to do in order to improve it reliability, and its continuing failure is reason for concern.  The technology industry is a constantly changing one, so any manufacturer could make potentially drastic changes with the right policies and practices.

To create the Computer Reliability Report, we take the market share of every manufacturer’s computers plus tablets in the U.S. and contrast each one with the number of calls RESCUECOM receives for tech support needs regarding that manufacturer’s products, thus determining each brand’s overall reliability.  The report includes calls for the top PCs and tablets for all brands that have been on the market for a year or more.

Here are the rankings according to the new computer reliability report for 2015 Q2:


Manufacturer U.S. Computer/Tablet Market Share 1,3(Percentage of Share computers shipped)   RESCUECOM Computer/Tablet Repair Share 1, 2(Percentage of service calls to 1-800-RESCUE-PC) Reliability Score 1, 2 Reliability Grade
1. SAMSUNG 6.8 % 1.3 % 407 A+
2. APPLE 21.4 % 7.4 % 218 A
3. IBM/LENOVO 8.3 % 4.3 % 147 B+
4. MICROSOFT 2.5 % 1.6 % 117 B
5. ASUS 4 % 3.2 % 96 C+
6. DELL 15.5 % 13.8 % 85 C
7. TOSHIBA 3.6 % 3.4 % 79 C-
8. ACER 3.6 % 3.9 % 69 D
9. HP 16.8 % 30.1 % 42 F

  1 – Computer repair share percentages and computer reliability scores include tablets.

       2 – The computer reliability report does not include “other” manufacturers, defined as all manufacturers that have below 1.0% market share or not on the market for at least one year.

       3 – Market share numbers are provided by IDC.                                 



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