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Unlistr CEO Henal Patel Wants to Help People Unsubscribe from Spam Email on Mobile

Unwanted emails are something that everybody deals with and that nobody wants.  Spam in people’s inboxes has been a serious problem since practically the inception of the Internet.  Spam and promotional email marketing has even changed with the times to get past spam filters and get into people’s digital mailboxes more often.  Companies use subscriptions now to load people’s mailboxes with advertisements legally.  People often accidentally sign up for these email subscriptions because they are bundled with other purchases and offers.  This unfortunate situation is why cool person in technology Henal Patel created the Unlistr mobile application in order to help people get unwanted promotional email out of their inboxes for good.

Unlike the earlier days of the Internet, it’s now more common for people to check their email on their smartphones or tablets than on their desktop computers or laptops.  Due to this new paradigm, Patel made sure to make his product mobile-focused rather than tied down to traditional computers.  Rather than a piece of Windows or OS X software, Patel wrote a mobile application as Unlistr’s main product.  Users download Unlistr from the appropriate mobile app store and then give the app permission to scan the e-mail on their smartphone or tablet.  Once Unlistr scans a user’s emails, it detects what marketing or promotional subscriptions someone has.  Patel’s app then presents users with a list of their promotional email subscriptions and allows users to unsubscribe with a tap of their finger.  Patel’s program takes care of the heavy lifting once users declare that they want to unsubscribe from an email campaign.

With Unlistr, people can take care of unwanted advertising in their email right on their mobile devices.  Patel believes that since people deal with their email mostly on their smartphones, users will take to handling their unwanted advertising spam through a mobile app.  Any users who have trouble downloading Patel’s app should get smartphone PC support for help.  Users can also contact Android support or Apple tech support depending on what specific type of smartphone they own.

Henal Patel works a full-time job while simultaneously maintaining the Unlistr app and acting as CEO of the company.  Patel currently works in corporate law as an attorney.  He does not have an educational background in computer science, but instead is self-taught when it comes to programming and coding.  Building a successful mobile app from a self-taught skillset while also working as a full-time attorney is a full load of work, but Patel has been up to the challenge. This cool person in tech likely has a promising future ahead.


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