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Chext Helps You Manage Your Money Through SMS

Keeping track of one’s money has never been something people enjoy.  While the act does come easier to some of us, many people struggle with even their day-to-day financial planning and run into trouble all too quickly.

Chext is a cool product available on the web and on mobile devices that helps people who struggle with their money.  Chext provides customers with a web platform for keeping a financial calendar and scheduling payments, but the real innovation from this company involves text messaging.  Chext tracks people’s spending and sends them texts whenever there is an unexpected purchase or when their bank accounts drop uncharacteristically low.  These texts alert clients when something is wrong with their account or when they are simply spending too much money.  Chext provides a way to alert someone automatically when money management has become an issue.  With this cool product, even people who generally struggle with handling their personal finance can have a safety net that keeps their unnecessary spending in check. 

Chext works with any phone that supports SMS text messaging. The service’s wide availability means that customers won’t need a smartphone to take advantage of Chext’s benefits.  However, in order to manage a Chext account, people will need to use the product’s web platform.  Anyone who has trouble with web services should make sure to have a good online computer support company on tap to get help when necessary.

The web platform for Chext’s service is entirely online.  Customers do not have to install or save anything on their personal computer in order to use it.  Chext doesn’t force its clients to download any resource-hogging software that slows computers down so much it forces people to call for home tech support service.  Chext is aiming to center their product on convenience, and using a cloud-based management platform that users can quickly access from anywhere is a big part of that strategy.

Chext continues to try to push the envelope with its service and come up with new, innovative features.  For example, when the program keeps track of one’s purchases, it creates a profile for you and can actually predict when you will drop below your bank account balance if you’re not careful.  This feature could prevent many customers from unneeded fees and credit problems from overdrafting their bank account by accident.  It’s this type of innovation that makes Chext a cool product to look out for in the years to come.


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