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Spreecast Innovates with Public Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and calls have become commonplace in the world today.  Video messenger services like Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s Facetime and Google’s Hangouts have made what we used to see only in Science Fiction an everyday reality for consumers.  However, the developers of the Spreecast video Internet broadcasting service believe there is still untapped potential in the video conference concept.  With this service, users can make public “spreecasts” where other users can join in and drop out at any time.  Once in a spreecast, anyone can come in and interact via text chat while watching, but the host can approve any user to join through video as well.  Spreecast creates a public broadcasting forum where users can search for interactive video broadcasts the same way they access viral videos on Youtube.  If you have issues getting Spreecast to work on your browser, computer support is always available.

While many have used viral videos as a promotional tool for some time, the people at Spreecast believe their service offers more potential value.  They believe spreecasts’ focus on interactivity is key.  “[This] interactivity lets spreecast users—whether individuals, companies, brands, or media outlets—have conversations with their fans, readers and followers in a meaningful way,” explained Molly O’Brien, the Content and Community Associate at the company.   Users can even save and embed spreecasts for later use if they want to use it a long-term promotional tool.  As O’Brien told Rescuecom, “The simple ability to press play on a video isn’t lost with a spreecast.”

Spreecast has already developed an impressive user-base, despite still being in beta for now.  “Major media companies have used Spreecast to enhance their existing content—like the Wall Street Journal, who hosts a weekly chat with successful entrepreneurs and investors as part of their Accelerators blog series,” O’Brien informed us, also telling us that “The L.A. Times has given their readers up-to-the-minute coverage of events.”  It’s safe to say the concept has caught on with many high-profile users.  The service has also successfully launched an iOS app.  For help with any difficulties using the app, contact iPhone support.

Spreecast hopes to see many more unique and interesting implementations of its service in the future.  As O’Brien told Rescuecom at the end of her interview, “We like to say that everyone can find a use for Spreecast.”



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