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Rich Thornett Runs Dribbble, a Social Network Specifically for Designers

Designers often need feedback for their work but want more than a limited pool of responses.  Dribbble CEO Rich Thornett is a cool person in technology that has created a social network made specifically for designers to showcase their work.  Dribbble allows designers to post the projects their working on and get feedback from other designers.  It also allows designers to put their portfolio online to increase their visibility in the design community.  Thornett works to keep Dribbble a space where designers can interact, give feedback and promote their own work within the community easily.  The Dribbble CEO doesn’t limit what types of designers can use the service, explicitly stating on the site that the social network is for “web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types”.  Being open to so many forms of design works towards Thornett’s vision of an open community where ideas can cross breed even across design disciplines.  Non-technical designers that would like to post their work on Dribbble may want to find online computer support for help getting started. 

Thornett was not always a web developer and designer himself.  In fact, Thornett had no technical or design background whatsoever until he was out of college.  His academic background was in economics and philosophy and while in school, he was far more likely to call tech support for help than he was to build a website.  However, Thornett changed careers when the web exploded in popularity during the nineties.  He went back to school in order to study web development and information science.  While working professionally in those fields, Thornett started Dribbble as a side project with his friend and co-founder Dan Cederholm.  Eventually, Dribbble became so popular that Thornett was able to dedicate himself to the website full-time.

Thornett is an active member of his own site.  He has filled his personal Dribbble profile with design projects in various stages of completion, including design projects for the Dribbble website itself!  Thornett is a cool person in technology who clearly has a passion for what he is doing.  He wants to support designers and create community and as long as he keeps Dribbble going, he’ll be doing exactly that.


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