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Mitch Gordon Founded Go Overseas to Help Students Get the Most from Studying Abroad

It’s a common phrase uttered to college students: “You should really go abroad.”  It’s true that studying abroad while someone’s in school can open a person up to new experiences and give them insight they otherwise would not have had.  However, not all study abroad programs are equal.  Many students unfortunately go on the recommendation of others but choose a less-than-excellent program.  Cool person in technology Mitch Gordon has created a website called Go Overseas that looks to prevent students from choosing the wrong study abroad program for them.  Gordon’s website is a directory for thousands of different study abroad programs that are available to students.  People can look at abroad programs available for travel all over the world on Go Overseas.  Users can also leave reviews and give third-party advice about specific programs to help anyone who’s searching through study abroad ideas.  The resources that Gordon offers through his website are potentially far more useful to interested students than the usual advertising brochures that different programs distribute.  If someone is looking for honest opinions and the complete picture about different study abroad programs, Gordon’s website provides a comprehensive look at a person’s options.  If a student has problems accessing different areas of Gordon’s website, they should seek help from a computer tech support provider.

While study abroad programs are prominent on Gordon’s site, they are not the only travel programs Go Overseas offers. Gordon has expanded his website to include programs for teaching, volunteering, and interning abroad as well.  Therefore, even if you aren’t necessarily a college student, but you want to see the world, Gordon has provided the appropriate resources to get started on that goal.  He has even included a section on Go Overseas that offers information about taking a “gap year” for working adults.  Gap years are years that anyone takes off from professional life to travel the world.  Gordon’s website enables anyone from college students in psychology to recent graduates of public health programs to veteran computer repair professionals to find ways to experience the world.

Before founding Go Overseas, Gordon received his education from Binghamton University, where he got his undergraduate degree from the School of Management.  Gordon also earned a master’s degree from the University of California-Berkeley at the Haas School of Business.  He founded Go Overseas in 201o and has acted as CEO since then.  He also recently became the entrepreneur-in-residence at his alma mater, the Haas School of business.  As Go Overseas continues to grow and succeed, Gordon will likely see even more opportunities open up for him.


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