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Tech Support Blog Lets People Watch TV Together Even When They Are Apart

Before the Internet took over popular media, television was not only the dominant medium for entertainment, but in many ways was also a very social medium.  Groups of friends and families would often watch television together as a collective activity.  They would talk and interact while their favorite shows were running rather than sit in silence.  People would do this especially often during sports broadcasts, and in fact, many still do, as Super Bowl parties are part of a lot of people’s yearly social calendars.  However, for most situations, the social element of TV has transferred online.  Rather than talk about what’s happening on a show with friends that have come over for the night, people go on Twitter and Facebook to post status updates about it.  Cool product in technology is working to make the social aspect of watching television more interpersonal again and ironically, is doing so with the use of technology itself. is a mobile app that combines a second screen experience for television with group voice chat over the Internet.  Users who have issues downloading the app can get help from an Android support or Apple support professional depending on the device that they own. comes in several different variations for people to download.  There are specific apps for different types of television broadcasts and second screen experiences.  For example, apps designed for football or baseball give users up-to-date statistics while watching the game.  However, while provides a second screen experience, the purpose of the app lies in sharing this experience with others. users connect with their friends using their tablets or smartphones and have group chats while watching the game.  Even if a user has friends spread across the country, he or she can still connect with them and simulate the social living room experience of watching TV together. allows people to connect personally while watching TV again and it has managed to do so with the help of mobile technology.  To learn more about this cool product, please go to


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