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iPad App WriteReader Teaches Kids to Read by Working on Their Writing

The standard phonetic method of teaching children to read, where kids learn the associated sounds with each letter individually before applying that knowledge to “sound out” the words they read on the page, can be a tedious and slow process for many children.  The makers of cool product WriteReader believe there is a better way to help children who are struggling with the phonetic method to learn to read.  WriteReader is an iPad app that engages kids in reading by teaching them to write simultaneously, intertwining the two learning processes more fluidly.  The developers based the app on research specifically done to find ways to decrease the time it takes for children to learn to read.  Researchers found great benefit in students learning to read and write concurrently.  This led the developers of WriteReader to take advantage of mobile and touch technology and create a tablet application that would give kids access to an alternative learning method.  If you have kids and want to download the application but struggle using your tablet, you should know that iPad support is always available. 

WriteReader works by letting children actually write their own stories or “books” with the help of a parent or teacher.  Kids and parents upload pictures for each page of their book and write text to go with each picture.  WriteReader works as a supplement to the phonetic method, having children sound out what they want to say and then write it out as it sounds to them.  Adults then write their own version of the sentence, which the app displays directly under the child’s writing.  This comparison gives children context and allows them to see the differences between their understanding and the correct form of the sentence.  They can then associate what they believed a sentence would look like with the correct version of it.  This informal and interactive method hopes to help kids become comfortable with the reading and writing process.

WriteReader allows users to export their created books as PDF files so children can share them with family and friends.  If you have trouble with PDF files or transferring data from an iPad to a computer, find a computer tech support service that can help you.


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