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Vinylfy Wants to be the Online Space for Record Collectors

Despite the rise of digital music and the continual shrinking of the physical media business in the music industry, there still remains a healthy section of the market that prefers vinyl records.  Companies continue to print vinyl records for collectors and disc jockeys despite the fact that the technology is half a century old.  Many enthusiasts still claim that vinyl records sound better and then seek out records rather than choosing to switch to digital music.  Regardless of whether those claims about sound quality are true, there is no denying the modern market for vinyl.  Cool product Vinylfy now wants to give record collectors a way to interact with each other and promote their collections via the Internet.  This cool product gives collectors an online space to show off their collection on a personalized profile.  Users can also maintain wishlists on the site to facilitate record swaps. Users who cannot create an account on the site may want to contact remote tech support to see if it’s an issue with their technology. 

Music labels that release vinyl copies of new releases can also use Vinylfy to promote their records.  Vinylfy provides these companies with a direct line to the record collecting community.  Labels can create their own profiles where they can publicly promote their releases and even interact directly with fans on their own profiles.  Vinylfy could become a very useful way for smaller record labels who still release vinyls to connect directly with the customers most likely to buy their products.  Any companies who have trouble getting a profile or updating it on Vinylfy can get help from a computer support company.

Vinylfy’s goal is to create a focused space where labels, collectors and even record stores that still sell vinyl can all connect easily.  If Vinylfy promotes easier engagement between record businesses and members of the community, it could potentially increase sales and activity in the area of record collection.  By giving the community a social space where they can interact without obstacles, this cool product has a chance to have a serious impact on the people and businesses who make up the modern culture of vinyl record collection.


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