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Lutebox Combines Image Sharing and Voice Chat on Mobile

There are services that allow people to share images with friends and family in multiple ways.  Facebook and Twitter allow people to post or tweet images publicly to other users.  SMS service allows people to send private photos, as does SnapChat, though the latter deletes photos once a recipient has seen them.  However, these apps and services keep image sharing in a bubble of sorts, at best allowing people to accompany photos with a text caption.

Cool product Lutebox breaks away from this standard by combining image sharing with voice-chat over the web.  Lutebox essentially combines voice-chat services like Skype or Viber with image sharing services like Instagram or SnapChat to produce a new experience that conveniently combines the two.  Lutebox is hoping to appeal to people who want to share media with each other as they speak, whether for personal reasons or professional ones.  With this cool product, users don’t have to switch back and forth between apps or waste battery life on a phone call in order to share pictures with someone while speaking to them.  Lutebox users that have trouble connecting to the service may want to consult a smartphone computer repair company to ensure that their wireless receivers are working properly. 

Lutebox is potentially extremely beneficial in several situations.  Family members or long-time friends who live far apart can use it to reminisce about specific events such as weddings, reunions, graduations or numerous other important moments.  Lutebox’s image-sharing feature can make it easy for people to send images of the events they want to chat about and relive past moments with friends and family.  Lutebox essentially makes it easier to connect with people over the past events in your lives.

Lutebox is also potentially very helpful for professional purposes.  When speaking with a business associate or client, users can screenshots, design-mockups or blueprints depending on their profession.  This can make professional conversations easier and more convenient as people can provide reference points for associates and clients while they speak.  Lutebox may be a social app but it also has business applications.

Lutebox is exclusively a mobile product.  Users can download the program on both Android phones and Apple mobile products.  Anyone who has trouble installing the program should get iPhone support or Android support service.  Those who successfully download the app can decide for themselves whether Lutebox’s combination of features is convenient enough to make a serious splash in the mobile chat market.


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