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Jonathan Wegener Helps People Remember the Past with Timehop on iOS

It’s easy for people to forget about where they have been and what they have done when people are so caught up in the now every day thanks to social networking.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine constantly keep us up to date with the moments happening around us in the present.  However, Jonathan Wegener is a cool person who has created a product that lets people remember and reflect on their past through social networking.  Rather than only focus on the present, Wegener’s iOS app Timehop shows people their activity on social media from the past as well.  Timehop shows people what happened on someone’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on the same date in previous years.  Essentially, Wegener has created a personal digital time capsule for people to take advantage of when they want to remember where they’ve been as much as where they are right now.  Wegener takes past information from multiple accounts and presents them all in the same app to give users a complete presentation of what their life was like at the same time in previous years.  Users who might be interested but have issues with the Apple App Store should get iPhone tech support to address the problems.

Timehop is currently only available on the iOS platform, which means people can only take advantage of its services on the iPhone and the iPad.  There are currently plans to expand the service to other platforms such as Android.  In the meantime, users will exclusively be contacting Apple support for help whenever they have trouble the smartphone application.

Wegener has worked in mobile and web development for over half a decade.  He has worked independently to develop websites for several other companies and organizations.  He has also founded two different mobile app companies, one of which of course is Timehop.  Wegener’s other mobile application is Exit Strategy, an app that helps frequent subway travelers in New York.  He has built both apps from the ground up and still runs both as CEO.  Wegener’s substantial experience and ability to build a business from scratch independently says good things about the future prospects of the Timehop project.


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