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Geonick Has Set Out to Be the Social Network for World Travelers

Most social networks dedicate their features to helping people communicate with others that they already know, or who live nearby.  Facebook connects people with friends and family and LinkedIn connects users with professional associates.  Geonick is a cool product on the Internet that takes a much different approach to social networking.  Geonick is a social network meant for travelers.  Its features, design and implementation all cater specifically to the needs of international travelers.  The designers of Geonick mean for it to help people connect with new people and experience new places rather than simply reinforce a person’s already established social groups.  Geonick takes advantages of things like mobile technology and GPS in order to focus on the mobility of the travelers and give people ways to use the social network while out experiencing the world.  Users who have broken smartphones or tablets will not be able to utilize Geonick to its fullest capabilities.  To use this cool product as its creators meant it to be, those with broken mobile devices should get mobile computer repair service.

Geonick focuses its product around what the team calls “postcards”.  Each digital postcard is mixed media, containing both a photograph and a text caption.  People can use postcards in multiple ways on the networks.  Of course, users can put up their postcards publicly for anyone on the social network to see on their profile.  However, Geonick’s posts don’t work the same way that most social networking posts do. Geonick also tags each postcard with the location where the user took the photo.  This tag allows users to search for postcards based on location and even look up if anyone posted a postcard at the location where a user currently stands.  Geonick’s design encourages world travelers to look up what photos people took at the places they travel to, as well as for people to research photos other members took before deciding to go visit a place themselves.  Geonick also allows people to send private postcards to specific members if someone wants to share a picture with another traveler privately.

Due to its nature a travel-focused product, it is not exactly shocking that Geonick focuses on the mobile market.  Currently, the company has apps available for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Android support and iPhone support are both available for anyone that has trouble setting up this cool product.  Perhaps with time, Geonick will grow and build a large, dynamic network of globetrotters.


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