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AUKEY Makes a Better Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

There are many different ways people can make use of tech to listen to music in their cars. Newer models have built-in Bluetooth, the auxiliary cable can be a reliable choice, and people can still use CD players in some older models. There are some who still drive cars old enough to play cassette tapes. Whatever the case, there are clear drawbacks to each of these methods and situations in which they would not be usable. People driving older cars may need to retrofits their stereos with Bluetooth, and that would include a cost some would not find it worthwhile to pay. Many people would like to upgrade their audio experience while driving but do not want to pay for higher end Bluetooth audio adapters and find ones in their price range to either break down easily or offer low overall audio quality. Fortunately, there is one device on the tech market that solves all of these issues: the AUKEY Bluetooth audio transmitter.

While there are similar devices on the market, one typically has to choose between a costly model that works well and a lower-quality device at a lower cost. Amazingly, AUKEY’s model delivers excellent audio quality, is well-constructed, and has over 10 hours of battery life while in use, yet it only costs somewhere around $25. The list of devices its tech support features allow it to work with is broad; while it would likely be most often used simply to sync music from a phone or tablet to your car speakers, it also has an outlet for an aux cable and can connect to either a cassette or CD player. In fact, if you connect it this way, these are the only cables you would ever need to use with it unless you want to keep it continuously charging. In that case, there is also a port with a Micro USB cable connection so that you will never need to worry about keeping it charged.

AUKEY’s Bluetooth audio adapter is a small device and an advanced device, so you can only rely on computer support from a provider that can handle delicate tech should the need ever arise. It is small and uniquely shaped, and it has its own volume controls as well as two distinct audio modes. While many people have to choose between charging their phone while driving and listening to music as fewer tech devices have audio jacks, AUKEY lets you do both wirelessly for under $30. Depending on where you keep it, it can potentially be completely unnoticeable. Technology has improved vastly with regard to how people listen to what they love, and AUKEY’s Bluetooth audio transmitter is a step even further in the right direction.

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