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Andrew Geant Connects People with Tutors in Any Subject as WyzAnt CEO

Hiring personal tutors to help students with subjects that they are struggling with in school has been a growing trend for many years now.  With standardized tests carrying so much weight in college admissions as well, an entire sub-industry of SAT preparation tutoring continues to grow as well.  However, despite these trends, there aren’t many online resources for finding a quality tutor when a student needs help.  Cool person in technology Andrew Geant is trying to change that with his company WyzAnt.  WyzAnt offers people a database of tutors in a slew of different available subjects.  Website users can book tutoring services directly through the website.  WyzAnt has tutors available for all primary and secondary school grade levels.  Subjects that Geant’s company provide help for include math, foreign languages, science, English, and test prep.  Geant also offers a limited number of tutors for other, advanced subjects such as economics, finance, accounting, and computers.  WyzAnt even offers some physical education tutors and personal coaches for sports.  Geant wants WyzAnt to be the go-to resource for tutoring help with all subjects so that any student that needs the help can get it.  Those who have difficulty using the WyzAnt website can get computer support to help them use the site and book a tutor.

WyzAnt hires their tutors directly because Geant wants to make sure he has oversight over the quality of service that WyzAnt tutors deliver to customers.  Qualified candidates can begin the rigorous selection process by applying through WyzAnt’s website.  Geant also makes sure the tutors who make it through the selection process get access to work though.  On the website, it promises that tutors will receive at least two opportunities to teach a week.  Assuming this is true; it means that Geant and his company want to make sure WyzAnt works as well for tutors as it does for students.

Currently, WyzAnt strictly has a web platform, which means there is no mobile app available currently.  Users who need help accessing WyzAnt through mobile web browsers might be able to get help from a mobile IT support company.

Before starting WyzAnt and acting as CEO, Geant was an analyst at Merrill Lynch for several years.  Geant also claims to have spent time as a math tutor himself.  On the WyzAnt website, he claims the idea for his company started when he was having trouble promoting his tutoring services to local students.  With his personal experience in the field, Geant is well equipped to continue building WyzAnt with his team.


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