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Gradseek Wants to Help Top College Graduates Land Solid Jobs

The job market has not exactly been thriving over the last several years, and this has led to major difficulty for many recent college graduates.  Jobs are not only harder to come by in general, but the ones that are available are often hard to find as well.

Gradseek is a cool product that wants to help both new members of the job market and businesses with open entry-level positions handle this tough situation.  With fewer jobs to go around, many companies require more experience even for lower positions when a job opens.  This shift has left many recent grads stuck and unable to apply for positions that would normally be a good fit for people.  Gradseek believes that companies might be better off using recent graduates as a resource that they can tap for talented individuals that can benefit a company regardless of experience.  Gradseek lets students put themselves out there with complete and robust profiles for potential employers to sift through when they’re looking for employees.  Gradseek believes that if they present businesses with complete profiles of recent graduates, companies will be able to find the best people for open positions within the ranks of those graduates.  The company believes this trend will hold true in all industries, from fashion marketing to office computer repair.

College students who sign up for Gradseek create complete profiles rather than one-sheet resumes that can’t possibly be extensive due to the inexperience that comes with being a recent graduate.  Each profile allows students to present a full story of themselves and give companies a complete picture of themselves and their work. Students can attach resumes to their profiles of course, but they can also provide media such as videos to give potential hirers a better idea of their personality as well.  This strategy is potentially helpful to companies as well, since it allows hiring managers to consider issues such as whether someone fits a company’s culture as well as skillset when choosing who to interview from the Gradseek site.

Gradseek allows both for students to search for open positions and for companies to search through students without posting a position.  This cool product aims to fit all possible hiring strategies for the companies using the site.  The site is also mobile-friendly.  The team at Gradseek is working to make their service available on every computing device possible.  Anyone who has trouble using the mobile site on a tablet or phone should contact mobile tech support for help.  Wide availability is essential to Gradseek’s strategy as they try to reach as many struggling graduates and companies as possible.


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