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Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne Helps People Get Their Social Media Seen

Actors, artists, and others who need to promote and market themselves on the web all use social media as a key way to get others to notice them.  One of the major obstacles of promoting oneself on social media is a lot more obvious than many people expect—having people see what your post.  Even if someone has a substantial following on sites like Facebook and Twitter, it can be a challenge to maximize the number of followers that see a post.  Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne is a cool person in technology who has created a product that can help with this particular problem.  Buffer is a service that helps people who need their social media posts seen by as many people as possible.  With Buffer, users can submit their social networking posts and Gascoigne’s product will post them at the most optimum times so that as many people see each post as possible.  Buffer lets users manage multiple accounts on social media through their service so they can manage all of their content in one place.  Computer tech support service may be helpful for anyone that hasn’t managed social media accounts through a third-party service before. 

Buffer offers many customization options to its users and extensive analytics to see why the service releases their social media posts at certain times.  If people do not want posts to go up at certain times no matter what, they can use the Buffer scheduling tool to select what days and timeframes to post content on different networks.  Gascoigne wants his service to be a tool, not something that takes over a user’s accounts completely.

Gascoigne also offers Buffer for businesses that want to promote their products and services on social media.  However, any small businesses that want to use Buffer but don’t have experience with web marketing may need help from a business IT support service to maintain their technology while using Buffer.

Before founding Buffer and becoming the company’s CEO, Gascoigne worked as a freelance web developer for several years.  Buffer is also not the first project he founded and started from scratch.  Gascoigne was previously the co-founder of  He also is the co-founder of OnePage, a virtual business card company.  He even co-founded a nonprofit called StartupMill that gives help to young companies.  However, despite all this experience building small businesses, Buffer is Gascoigne’s biggest project by far.  We will see if this cool person’s previous experience will help him take his current company to the next level.


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