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Adi Tatarko Makes Interior Design Easier With Online Service Houzz

When Adi Tatarko attempted to remodel her Silicon Valley home several years ago, she ran into many roadblocks and has since described the experience as rather miserable.  However, realizing there was a problem with how insular the interior design world was, this cool person in technology set out to create an online service that would be part of the solution.  In 2009, Tatarko and her husband Alan Cohen launched Houzz in hopes to create an online platform that would help those going through the process of designing and renovating their homes.  The site allows users to create “ideabooks”, which they fill with designs and photographs posted on the site by design professionals and other users.  Users can then also create “projects” where they upload pictures of the renovations and designs in their own home.  Each project or posting also has a discussion forum where people can ask questions about a design’s specifics.  The site works to create a dialogue between members and promotes a collaborative effort in the difficult task of designing and remodeling your home. If you want to use the site, but find yourself overwhelmed for any reason, tech support is available to make your experience more pleasant. 

Tatarko has expanded the website since its inception.  It also contains profiles of many design professionals now, who post their work and answer user questions about it consistently.  The site also has an editorial staff who posts articles on interior design for members’ benefit.  These supporting services have helped the site expand over the last few years.  Tatarko has also recently launched both an iOS and Android app for Houzz, looking to stake a claim in the mobile space as well as the web.  Users who have trouble checking out the app on their iPad or Android slate should look to tablet PC support for help.

Tatarko was previously an executive at a boutique investment firm before leaving to commit herself full time to her role as CEO of Houzz.  However, Tatarko isn’t letting her busy schedule as CEO affect her ambitions for her home.  She has her own personal profile on Houzz with multiple ideabooks and projects still in progress.  Clearly, just as this cool person in tech doesn’t ever stop improving her company, she doesn’t want to stop improving her home either.


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