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Amazon Tops the E-Reader Market with New Kindle Oasis

E-readers haven been a boon to active literature and periodical lovers since the early 2000s, though the first commercial attempt at the concept came in the late 90s via LCD. Reading is simply something that millions of people love to do and it is not likely even with all of the other things available to distract us that we will ever stop reading novels, plays, and magazines as a form of escapism or personal learning, among other pursuits. As e-readers go, any device that can display text on a screen can technically serve as one, but there is a reason specialized e-reader devices prevail. Unlike other devices that offer an app for downloading books or other reading material, an e-readers full resources exist for that sole purpose. An e-reader optimizes its portability, visibility, and battery life for nothing else, and Amazon’s Kindle Oasis does this better than most.

Of course, the advantage of e-readers over printed books is access to thousands of different books while typically weighing less than a single one as well as added convenience provided by built-in or downloadable features. Books, however, are able to last longer than technology, and any tech eventually necessitates professional technical help. Conversely, devices on which one can read books and perform functions similar to an e-reader have a much shorter battery life and storage devoted to many other things, making them less ideal. What is it, though, that gives Amazon’s Kindle Oasis an edge specifically over other e-readers?

For starters, the Kindle Oasis has a larger 7-inch E Ink display at the same 300 pixel-per-inch quality as smaller models without compromising its portability, maintaining an extremely slim shape and a weight of 6.8 ounces. That said, you will want service that can handle some delicate tech when need be, but Amazon’s devices are noteworthy for their reliability. Amazon claims the strongest glass on the market in the Kindle Oasis as well as the fastest processor. The display also adjusts to ambient lighting automatically, meaning the least eye strain possible, and the new Oasis also has Audible audiobook support again, something missing from the most recent iterations. Somehow it fits into its body one of the largest batteries possible, the life of which Amazon claims to be around six weeks when reading 30 minutes per day with wireless turned off and full light. While it is pricier than most e-readers, the new Kindle Oasis is well worth it for avid readers.


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