Audio Giant’s Newest System Does Not Disappoint

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Bose Creates a Great Audio Experience with its Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

Bose has long been the best-known name in consumer electronics, particularly high-end speakers. It has topped the market and made a name for itself in audio systems for decades, though many tech companies are now edging into the market in the hopes of taking it over. That does not mean that Bose has lost its edge, however, and that is no more evident than it is with its new Wave SoundTouch Music System IV. This stereo shelf system combines the latest technology with some more nostalgic elements to give everyone something to love while maintaining the standard of excellent sound quality for which Bose has always been so popular. The company released the first iteration of its Wave SoundTouch Music System line in 2004 and has since improved on every aspect, added more advanced features as they have developed, and even managed to lower the price along the way.

The Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, the latest stereo system by the renowned audio industry giant, offers its trademark top sound quality in a sleek new design. It has full wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for your office or your Internet-connected house with support for all popular streaming services. While Bose was one of the first stereo system designers allowing your phone to physically dock with the stereo itself, it can now connect to any phone in any room that receives a wifi signal as well as similarly connected tablets. In order to do this most effectively, the system comes with a free app that lets you more easily and quickly control it from any mobile device.

The Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV can work with as many devices as have the SoundTouch app installed on them, so an issue requiring even extensive technical service will not prevent you from connecting it to any other mobile device. It has some more nostalgic touches as well, however. These include a CD player and an AM/FM radio as well as the ability to establish a wired (auxiliary cable) connection to another device for audio playback. It also has an alarm clock function and a convenient remote control. As far as sound quality, Bose continues to improve upon its waveguide speaker technology to deliver the best possible. Thus, whether you want to listen to an online music service, Internet radio, your stored music library, CDs, or the radio, the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV should be a go-to option.

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