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Tech Support Blog CEO Reece Pacheco Lets You Watch Your Unique Web Video Channel

People spend thousands of hours watching web video content, but finding videos specifically tuned to your tastes is not always an easy task.  Video websites like Youtube and Hulu have vast arrays of video content and while they do their best to organize it for their users, it can be overwhelming to sift through everything on your own.  Reece Pacheco is a cool person in technology who believes you shouldn’t need computer support just to navigate video content on the web.  To help, he has created, a video curation service that creates a personalized “channel” of web video content for you based on what you find most important.  Pacheco wants to create a one-stop space for users to view and discover all of the web’s video content.  Pacheco created to simplify and personalize the process of finding and watching videos online so viewers can simply focus on enjoying content rather than sifting through endless options on a video service. 

Pacheco tailors to users specifically in two ways.  Firstly, the site takes a user’s interests and scours YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu for related videos.  Users rate the videos that they see and adjusts their recommendations accordingly.  Secondly, Pacheco has use your social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, to include videos shared by your close family and friends in your personalized stream as well.  Because of this, you get both entertainment from the major video content sites and personal videos from your friends and family all in one place.  In theory, this means that could be the only site you need to visit most days.  Pacheco wants to simplify things for users with by getting every video that you might care about into one stream.  If you have difficulty attaching your social media feeds to your account, you will have to seek online tech support for a solution.

Pacheco had a varied background in multiple fields before founding with his college friend Dan Spinosa.  He attained multiple degrees including a bachelor’s in sociology and studio art from Bucknell University, a film degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an art semiotics degree from Brown University.  He also worked as a director’s assistant at Dreamworks and an assistant editor at Tango Pix.  He was even a professional lacrosse player for a year with the Boston Cannons.  Pacheco is a cool person who has now turned to the world of tech startups with to accomplish even more with his life.  Hopefully, his drive can ensure that his company continues to succeed.


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