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WholeWorldBand Lets Musicians Collaborate from Long Distances with an iPad

Mobile technology has changed the way musicians record their art in many ways.  It is now viable to use a smartphone or tablet to record multi-track performances as well as mix and edit the results.  Recording decent audio tracks used to be something limited to only a select few artists who could afford time in a professional studio.  New affordable music recording apps have revolutionized the state of professional music and made it possible for many amateur musicians to record high quality tracks without excessive resources.  Now, cool product in technology WholeWorldBand wants to take things another step forward by letting musicians not only record tracks on their mobile devices, but also collaborate with others on their works in progress. 

WholeWorldBand wants to connect musicians globally by allowing anyone to add layers to songs uploaded to the app.  When an artist uploads a track onto WholeWorldBand, it is incomplete.  The recording often only features one instrument such as drums, guitar or even vocals.  Once the initial track is on the app, other users can add their own layers and ideas by recording their accompaniments and combining it with the original.  Any users who have difficulty recording for WholeWorldBand with their mobile devices might need mobile computer repair to fix the microphones in their tablet or smartphone.

WholeWorldBand isn’t just an audio-based platform, but also a video one.  In fact, the app requires users to upload videos of their performances and accompaniments rather than merely an audio track.  This requirement serves several purposes. Musicians who uploaded the original track can view exactly what others are doing to accompany it rather than guess based on sound alone.  Viewing what others have done to contribute can influence the original artists in any future recordings of the song.  Using video also exposes all the musicians on WholeWorldBand to different styles of play that might influence them in later work.  Anyone who has trouble loading the videos on this cool product may want to get assistance from home network service.

WholeWorldBand is aiming to be a platform not just for musicians to collaborate, but also earn money for their contributions.  Users charge access to their recording sessions on the app and choose how to split their earnings with other contributors as they add to it.  This cool product doesn’t only want to be a creative platform, but also a way for many amateur musicians to earn extra income for their work.

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