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Next Windows is Almost Ready

Personal technology goes far beyond just a home computer. So, Microsoft designed an operating system modified to perform on many different personal devices. Windows 8, due to release next year, adapts to each product that runs it.

Rescuecom has five things customers need to know about the upcoming operating system.

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Apple Gives Up Adobe Flash War: Both Companies Win!

The digital video making and viewing community came together a little more, recently.  Apple lifted the ban on Adobe Flash Player appearing in iPhone or iPad, ending online compatibility issues.

Last year, Apple refused to work with Flash, the most popular additional program for creating and viewing multi-media websites. The media creation and viewing program’s use restricted costumers to certain devices. Adobe blocked access to Flash from Apple devices. Apple’s continually expanding mobile devices struggled to view images and videos supported by the additional program.

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There Is Something Other Than The iPad

Acer, known for competitively priced and dependable laptops, is expanding into personal computer tablets, creating another option for buyers. The newest release since company president Jim Wong started the tablet and smartphone division is the Iconia Tab A500. The Iconia is already offering competition to the well-known Apple iPad.

Both iPad and Iconia have cameras on the front and the back of the tablet for creating videos and taking pictures which are stored on the tablet. Each tablet has a dual core processing chip for fast and clear movement through the applications. Either tablet can be designed so favorite applications appear on the user’s homepage. Both tablets are light and easy to carry around.

Apple’s iPad still has more applications included in the tablet and available at the online store than the Android. Each application is easily located and opened on the home screen, too. Honeycomb first requires users to search through applications and find the program to arrange the favorites.  Third party applications are not present on the Iconia tablet, such as access to Netflix or Apple already offers a variety of applications to users.

The Iconia runs Honeycomb 3.0, an Android system from Google. Honeycomb presents as a more reliable version than the Froyo, or Android 2.2. The system is truly multi-media with the ability to connect with different devices like a TV, a personal computer, or a smartphone. Videos and pictures can transfer to the TV or home computer with the Iconia. Users only need an HDMI port, a microSD memory card or a USB port to connect the machines. The system works with Adobe Flash, making video viewing online easier. The Iconia also comes with a longer battery life than iPad.

Apple has controlled the tablet market since the release of the iPad. Competitors have struggled to keep up in applications, easy use and general attraction. Competitors like Playbook, Xoom and G-Slate fail in comparison to iPad in reliability, easy use or price. Acer prices the Iconia at a more competitive rate. The iPad’s latest version prices at $499, while the Iconia starts at $449.99.

Apple’s iPad is still the tablet with the most applications, and iPad is the easiest to use. IPad offers more colorful case options, too. But, Acer is releasing another tablet later this summer with more updates to the software. For those tablet users who do not want to buy Apple, Iconia offers at least one affordable solution.



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HP’s Slate Targets Enterprise, Not the iPad

HP, long expected to be one of Apple’s main competitors in the tablet market, has fired its first shot at the competition, and it’s an interesting one.

With little fanfare, the company released its Slate 500 tablet, running Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS.  Since HP acquired Palm earlier this year, it had been widely speculated that the company’s first tablet release would feature Palm’s WebOS.

HP has now announced that a WebOS tablet will be released sometime in 2011. Read more »

Verizon Does Galaxy Tab No Favors With Pricing

Verizon has become the first of the major U.S. carriers to announce pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

In a somewhat surprising move, Verizon has priced the Tab at $600, just $30 less than the Apple iPad bundle the carrier will put on sale on October 28.

Neither device will require a contract with Verizon, allowing users to purchase the device on its own. Read more »

Apple-Verizon Partnership Finally Happens. But No iPhone.

As long swirling rumors of a Verizon iPhone heat back up, Apple announced today that it has finally reached a partnership agreement with a carrier other than AT&T.

Staring later this month, Verizon retail stores will sell the Apple iPad.

The iPad will be both the first Apple product and the first tablet sold through Verizon stores when it hits shelves on October 28th.  While this announcement is certain to add some fire to the iPhone rumors, the Apple-Verizon iPad partnership already seems like a victory for both sides. Read more »

Tablets: Apple Expands While LG Postpones

As Apple continues to aggressively market the iPad, one of its expected competitors has dropped from the race.

This past summer, LG announced plans to build and release a tablet device running Google’s Android OS.  LG’s Android tablet was expected to be released this year, as a competitor for the iPad.

LG announced today that will not happen. Read more »

RIM Announces New PlayBook Tablet

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry line of products, has announced the impending release of a tablet style device known as the PlayBook.

The PlayBook will feature a 7 inch touchscreen, front and rear facing HD cameras, and will run on a new OS developed around QNX’s Neutrino software.

While RIM has yet to announce a firm release date or price point for the PlayBook, the announcement of the device’s specs was major news.  Unlike the recently released BlackBerry Torch, which featured a touchscreen but still ran the BlackBerry OS, the PlayBook is being viewed as a major step for RIM. Read more »

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Revealed: Can it Compete?

Samsung has debuted their Galaxy Tab, one of the first of the so-called “iPad Killers” from a major manufacturer.

The Galaxy’s specs will vary slightly from carrier to carrier, but all versions will run Google’s Android 2.2, the same OS that has helped propel some smartphones – including Samsung’s Galaxy class devices – into direct competition with the iPhone. Read more »

NEWS: Dell’s Streak to Hit the Market — Is It an iPad Challenger?

After release date delays, Dell’s Streak is finally ready to hit the market.

The smartphone-tablet hybrid will be available to customers who pre-ordered on Thursday, with general online availability on Friday.

The Streak is Dell’s first entry into the smartphone/tablet market and is the first contender to directly attempt to compete with Apple’s iPad.  Read more »

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