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John Wagner Heads up FANCRU, the iPhone App That Connects Sports Fans during Games

One of the most appealing aspects of professional sports is the feeling of community fans get when they all cheer for the same team or player.  Hardcore sports fans often tie their team loyalties heavily into their identities.  Because of this loyalty, sports fans can often develop deep and lasting bonds with the rest of a team’s community of fans.  John Wagner is a cool person in technology who is encouraging this bond between sports fans with his iPhone app FANCRU.  FANCRU acts as a hub for sports fans on gameday.  With his app, Wagner combines the features of social networking and a sports news app to keep fans up to date and connected. Wagner’s app both connects fans with up to date scores for their favorite teams, and lets them interact with other fans digitally on gameday.  FANCRU offers real-time scores for all major American professional sports leagues, as well as several international soccer leagues such as the English Premier League.  Each fan on the app also has their own profile where they choose which teams they support so they can proclaim their loyalties to other users.  Those who have trouble connecting the app to a wireless network should call a service for phone computer support.

The pulse of Wagner’s app is in its “game feeds”.  Each game has a special social feed attached to it for fans of the teams playing to post comments and pictures as a game progresses.  This feature allows fans to both cheer and vent about a team’s performance amongst their peers, giving them the chance to enjoy a team’s fan community no matter where they are at the time.  Wagner’s app also includes a tool to locate nearby bars and restaurants that support a user’s favorite teams.  Therefore, if a fan would rather meet up with fellow supporters in person than only on the digital game feed, they have the ability to do so with Wagner’s app. FANCRU is currently available exclusively for the iPhone.  If someone needs assistance with any of its features, they will need iPhone tech support.

Wagner received his master’s degree in information sciences from Auburn University in the 1990’s before embarking on a decade long career as a consultant to tech companies.  In 2011, Wagner founded FANCRU to take his shot at building his own startup.  Time will tell if his experience helping other companies will have a major effect on the success of FANCRU.


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