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Arel English Created Vitogo to Turn Smartphones into Personal Trainers

Health and fitness is an area where technology is in a bit of a boom.  Wearable devices like watches and wristbands count the calories people burn and quantify their daily fitness stats.  There are hundreds of apps that help you track people’s eating and exercise habits, and there are even ones in which the sole purpose is to motivate users to exercise more.  Still, there aren’t many apps that help people with the process of exercising itself.  Cool person in technology Arel English founded Vitogo to change that fact.  Vitogo is an iPhone app that acts as a personal trainer for its users.  Vitogo stores exercise related data to help people achieve specific goals with their workout schedules.  Rather than simply provide users with metrics about how many calories they have burned, Vitogo provides actionable workout plans to help users achieve specific workout goals.  English has incorporated enough fitness data into his app that Vitogo provides users with specific long-term plans to achieve their goals.  This cool person in technology has even made it so his app will adjust a user’s workout plan every 4-6 weeks to ensure that the person’s exercise regimen does not plateau.  While fitness apps that merely track calories are akin to non-actionable computer diagnostic tools, Vitogo tries to be the fitness equivalent of a full-service computer tech support program.

Vitogo also provides motivational features for its users, just in case they start to find a training program too difficult.  Vitogo provides specific challenges and achievements to users based on their current workout regimen.  Users can post these achievements to their profile and share them with other users on Twitter and Facebook.  These gamification aspects help keep users engaged in their workout problems as they use English’s application.

Currently, Vitogo is only available for the iOS.  While an Android version of the fitness app is in development, users currently will only be going to an iPhone tech support service if they have trouble with the software.

English is a software developer by trade.  In fact, even while running Vitogo as a company and maintaining the app full-time, he also works as a freelance software developer for other companies.  He commonly works with companies that need help with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and coffeescript.  English is somewhat young, having only received his degree in 2009, but he’s already managed to bring himself significant success with his entrepreneurial spirit on projects like Vitogo.


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