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Ankus Seghal Founded BranDiD to Make Clothes Shopping More Efficient

One of the biggest downfalls of shopping for clothes online is the inability to try something on before a customer makes a purchase.  With the exception of casual clothing like t-shirts and sweatpants, trying on clothing to see how it fits is an essential step in choosing someone’s wardrobe.  While shopping online beats out going to a store in convenience, it will always remain an issue that people cannot try on the clothes they purchase first.  Cool person in technology Ankus Seghal founded BranDiD to erase this problem and introduce a service that allows people to try on the clothes they want to buy even when shopping on the web. 

Shoppers who use BranDiD can select multiple sizes of any item of clothing they want and have them sent to their house.  Once a customer decides what piece of clothing they want to buy, if any, that person can then send back the remaining clothing items without receiving unwanted charges.  BranDiD will even send someone to pick up the clothes a customer does not want if the customer lives within a certain area.  The ordering and returning process occurs through the BranDiD website, so any user with Internet problems should get home tech support before ordering clothes from Seghal’s company.  Seghal is altering one of the very basic assumptions people make about purchasing clothes online due to this bold business model.

Seghal also wants to add value during the online browsing experience.  His startup provides customers with a personal style consultant on demand.  Seghal and his team refer to these consultants as S.W.A.T.s, which stands for “Specialist Wardrobe Augmentation Technician.”  Seghal and his business treat these consultants as if they were the equivalent of online computer support specialists for fashion.

Seghal himself has had plentiful experience in the retail and ecommerce industries.  On the company’s website, it states that he was worked at several different levels in these businesses—all the way from shop floor associate to CEO in the case of BranDiD.  He has also founded three previous ecommerce startups and worked as a salesperson for Deutsche Bank.  Seghal’s background in retail, ecommerce, and sales makes it easy to believe that he has the necessary skill set to bring BranDiD to the next level.


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